Seoul Mate


FINALLY!! I finally managed to write something! not amazing but at least there's something for you to read, hope you like it!! I'm kinda sad cause I haven't been able to properly develop the story, it's kinda weird but yeah, there'll be probably just 3 or 4 more chapters and then... THE END! hahah I've had a lot of fun with this RP! <3



“Hey! How are you, I’ve been calling you past days but you haven’t picked the phone, is everything all right?” Stephanie’s breath pace accelerated when she heard Suho’s voice from the other end of the line. The girl gulped in surprise.

“Yeah, everything’s going great”

“Such a relief, I though something happened to you, I was worried” Suho said and the last word echoed in Stephanie’s head. ‘Worried’ he had been worried about her.

“I’m fine thank you, you must be busy let’s talk sometime soon…” She tried to cut him off, but he interrupted her.

“No! I’m not busy!” Suho felt embarrassed of his sudden and desperate reply. “I’m actually on my free day, wanna meet in Seoul Mate?” He asked, barely thinking about the words that left his mouth.

“I’d love to” Suho sighed relieved, he would have felt like an idiot if Stephanie’s answer was ‘no’ “But I don’t think I can, I have a date.” The guy closed his eyes, holding a gasp. 

“Oh, I see…”

“I’m sorry, maybe next time”

“Yeah, next time, but then you’ll have to treat me dinner” He said trying to sound cheerful.

“Ok, then” Stephanie laughed before hanging up the phone. “It’s better this way! She mumbled convinced after thinking about what would have happened if she had said yes, but she wasn’t allowed to further think about it since her phone rang once again, this time another voice talking to her, the voice of a young man who had been on her mind lately. She immediately forgot about Exo’s leader and a smile replaced the concern on her face. 

And back in May’s life, the time flew away and she found herself preparing her luggage to go back to Seoul. Once again the annoyance of packing and the sadness of leaving behind the people she loved were mixed with the enthusiastic feeling of going back to that place she now considered home. That afternoon while May struggled with her clothes, G had decided to calmly sit in the dinning room with his laptop and a big glass of tomato juice.

“I’d be thankful if instead of sitting there you’d help more” the girl sarcastically shouted from her room.

“Done with my luggage already!” G said to his friend, almost ignoring her angry tone.

“But…” May sighed and wearily left her tiring task. 

“G, I don’t have enough space!” she complained, standing behind G and staring mesmerized to the screen. “Is that…?”

“U-kiss new video” May nodded with a lost gaze on her eyes

“Wow, Kiseop looks great!” she commented

“Dongho is using the trousers you made for him” G pointed to the screen where the maknae of the group smiled joyfully. 

“He’s so cute” May sighed nostalgically. “Well, if you ever decide to help your best friend I’ll be packing” she laughed turning around.

“And Jaeseop is not doubt handsome with make-up” May froze at the mention of AJ, she slowly turned on her heel again.

“He is handsome indeed” she simply replied and messed up G’s hair. “Would you please come and help me?” She begged tightening her lips.

“I’ll watch Minho’s new drama now.” May face lit up as she tilted her head back to laugh.

“Since when do you check on Minho’s work?” 

“Hey!” G scowled pretending to be offended “He almost became my brother in law! Of course I care about him and his amazing work!” May shook her head, still laughing and left the room.

“His acting is pretty bad, right?” she later asked from her bedroom.

“I wouldn’t say bad!” G shouted back. “It’s horrible!” both friends burst into laughter, no doubt things were still the same for them.

In Seoul, in the other hand, everything had changed in colossal proportions. Various meetings and ‘friendly’ dates had led into an incipient relationship between Stephanie and Baekho. 

“Really?” The male asked raising his voice and widening his eyes in surprise, May’s friend blushed and shyly nodded as she tried to look really interested in the content of the cup she had in hands. “Are you being serious?!” This time Baekho’s voice was so loud that some customers turned their heads to the table where the couple was. 

“Hey, don’t be so loud” Stephanie smiled and slightly slapped Baekho’s arm.

“But, you were serious, weren’t you?” He repeated, almost in a whisper.
“What do you mean, of course I was serious, I wouldn’t play with such a thing”

“Then… we… we’re….” 

“Yeah” Baekho’s smile was so big that he looked like if he had won the lottery. He giggled and grabbed Stephanie’s hands.

“Thank you, princess.”

“Hey! You’re making me blush!” May’s friend turned her face embarrassed, but for the first time in her life she managed to understand what May meant when she said that holding hands was probably better than kissing when you were with the right person. Stephanie wondered how her best friend would react to the announcement of her relationship, she could almost hear May’s voice mocking ‘You, old lady should date someone older, not a young, innocent and inexperienced rookie idol”.

However, May’s voice was far from being playful in that very same moment. After a long and tiring journey to Beijing all she wanted was taking the connection flight that was supposed to take her to Seoul. Unfortunately and for May’s displeasure, her best friend had other plans for them and when he announced with a poker face that their flight to Japan was set to take off in one hour, the girl almost choked with the ice tea she was drinking.

“I took the liberty of reserving us two seats in first class, I hope it’s ok by you” G smiled innocently.

“May I know, why on Earth did you dare to do such a thing?” G’s best friend’s nostrils flared and she lifted her left eyebrow, staring at him like if he was a TV screen showing a macabre crime. 

“Well… we… we’re going to Japan!” G smiled clumsily 

“Isn’t it obvious? The question is why are we going there?” May’s temper was being tested to extreme levels.

“To a concert?” G looked suddenly shorter than he already was.

“Let me guess…”

“No, no it’s not what you think! U-Kiss will be there but Jaeseop is in New York!” G immediately excused himself. After the explanation May seemed turned in between going back to Seoul by herself and following G to the concert. “Come, on, we have no time to lose! We must be on the plane already!” the girl sighed and nodded as she let G wrap his hand around her wrist and both of them walked towards the boarding gate. 

“But… promise me Jaeseop won’t be there” May stopped abruptly half way and forced G to look at her.

“Hey! Would I lie to you?” May’s sincere answer would have been ‘yes’ but she didn’t say it loud.

“I guess no” she simply said, G smiled brightly and gave her a reassuring pat on the back.

“You won’t regret it” May smirked, hoping he wouldn’t be wrong this time.
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