Two-Tone Buttoned Dress - OrangeBear
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  • Long-Sleeve Feather Print Dress
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    This dress is featuring functional buttons at chest, long sleeves, and a drawstring at waist. An elasticized waist ensures a fit that s both comfy and super flattering!! Its super-detailed feather print that makes it a feminine beauty~! ******************************************** 1.Functional buttons 2.Hand-wash or machine wash with laundry bag 3.Wash alone with cold water Drawstring length: M~L: 67inch / XL~3L: 78inch Color: Blue, Materials: 100% Polyester, Size: 2XL: Bust: 116-121cm, Waist: 157cm, Hips: 172cm, Hem: 187cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm, Armhole: 55cm, Arm: 36cm, Cuff: 25cm, Shoulder Width: 41cm, Total Length: 88cm 3XL: Bust: 127-132cm, Waist: 167cm, Hips: 182cm, Hem: 198cm, Sleeve Length: 62cm, Armhole: 58cm, Arm: 39cm, Cuff: 27cm, Shoulder Width: 44cm, Total Length: 91cm L: Bust: 99-104cm, Waist: 139cm, Hips: 154cm, Hem: 170cm, Sleeve Length: 59cm, Armhole: 48cm, Arm: 31cm, Cuff: 20cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm, Total Length: 83cm M: Bust: 91-96cm, Waist: 132cm, Hips: 147cm, Hem: 162cm, Sleeve Length: 57cm, Armhole: 46cm, Arm: 29cm, Cuff: 20cm, Shoulder Width: 35cm, Total Length: 81cm XL: Bust: 106-111cm, Waist: 147cm, Hips: 162cm, Hem: 177cm, Sleeve Length: 59cm, Armhole: 50cm, Arm: 34cm, Cuff: 21cm, Shoulder Width: 39cm, Total Length: 86cm, Care: N/A
  • Panel Long-Sleeve Dress Pink - XXL
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    Brand from Taiwan: OrangeBear. Color: Pink, Materials: Main: 100% Polyester Trim: 100% Synthetic Fibre Lining: 100% Polyester, Size: M: Bust: 93cm, Waist: 96cm, Hips: 99cm, Hem: 106cm, Sleeve Length: 57cm, Armhole: 48cm, Arm: 33cm, Cuff: 24cm, Shoulder Width: 33cm, Total Length: 78cm L: Bust: 101cm, Waist: 104cm, Hips: 106cm, Hem: 114cm, Sleeve Length: 58cm, Armhole: 48cm, Arm: 35cm, Cuff: 25cm, Shoulder Width: 35cm, Total Length: 81cm XL: Bust: 109cm, Waist: 111cm, Hips: 114cm, Hem: 121cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm, Armhole: 50cm, Arm: 38cm, Cuff: 27cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm, Total Length: 83cm XXL: Bust: 116cm, Waist: 119cm, Hips: 121cm, Hem: 129cm, Sleeve Length: 62cm, Armhole: 53cm, Arm: 40cm, Cuff: 27cm, Shoulder Width: 40cm, Total Length: 86cm XXXL: Bust: 127cm, Waist: 129cm, Hips: 132cm, Hem: 139cm, Sleeve Length: 63cm, Armhole: 55cm, Arm: 43cm, Cuff: 30cm, Shoulder Width: 40cm, Total Length: 88cm, Care: N/A
  • Sleeveless Pleated Dress
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    Brand from Taiwan: OrangeBear. Color: White, Materials: 100% Polyester, Size: 2L: Bust: 113cm / 44.9", Waist: 115cm / 45.7", Hips: 129cm / 50.8", Hem: 134cm / 52.8", Total Length: 86cm / 34.6", 3L: Bust: 123cm / 48.8", Waist: 126cm / 50", Hips: 139cm / 54.7", Hem: 144cm / 56.7", Total Length: 89cm / 35.8", L: Bust: 98cm / 39", Waist: 100cm / 39.8", Hips: 114cm / 44.9", Hem: 119cm / 46.9", Total Length: 81cm / 32.7", M: Bust: 90cm / 35.8", Waist: 92cm / 36.6", Hips: 106cm / 41.7", Hem: 111cm / 43.7", Total Length: 79cm / 31.9", S: Bust: 85cm / 33.9", Waist: 87cm / 34.6", Hips: 101cm / 39.8", Hem: 106cm / 41.7", Total Length: 76cm / 30.7", XL: Bust: 105cm / 41.7", Waist: 108cm / 42.9", Hips: 121cm / 47.6", Hem: 127cm / 50", Total Length: 84cm / 33.9", Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash
  • Sleeveless Drawstring-Waist A-Line Floral Dress
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    Brand from Taiwan: OrangeBear. Color: Beige, Dark Blue, Coffee, Materials: Cotton, Spandex, Size: 2L: Bust: 104cm / 40.9", Waist: 93cm / 36.6", Hips: 119cm / 46.9", Hem Circumference: 134cm / 52.8", Total Length: 87cm / 34.3", 3L: Bust: 114cm / 44.9", Waist: 104cm / 40.9", Hips: 129cm / 50.8", Hem Circumference: 144cm / 56.7", Total Length: 91cm / 35.8", L: Bust: 88cm / 34.6", Waist: 78cm / 30.7", Hips: 104cm / 40.9", Hem Circumference: 119cm / 46.9", Total Length: 82cm / 32.3", M: Bust: 81cm / 31.9", Waist: 71cm / 28", Hips: 96cm / 37.8", Hem Circumference: 111cm / 43.7", Total Length: 78cm / 30.7", XL: Bust: 96cm / 37.8", Waist: 86cm / 33.9", Hips: 111cm / 43.7", Hem Circumference: 127cm / 50", Total Length: 85cm / 33.5", Care: Hand Wash, Machine Wash

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