I'm so tired. Last night I was up till like 3 or 4am watching Pretty Little Liars. I screamed a couple of times. No lie. If anybody saw the recent episodes, then you can understand why. Those dolls were sketchy. I just got the damn shivers. Weird. ♥

But Aloha my ohana♥ I mean Heeyy guyss!(:

Did you know that:
@selalaan0n Is like the most amazing girl ever? She's definitely one of my best friends. And if you haven't added or messaged her. Go do it right now. Cause she's A M A Z I N G and if you don't I'll cut you. ♥(:

Bleh. I'm so unbelievably bored right now. Facebook is dead, so is tumblr and twitter and even polywhore. Yes I call it polywhore. (x Maybe I'll go clean my room...HAHA no just kidding the cleaning people are coming tomorrow.

BUT ANYWAYSS: How's your day been? It's been a long ass day. Just saying. Thursdays are always boring. Tomorrow's FRIDAYY. I love that day. What's your favorite day of the week? (:

Well...I'm bored. So um yeah :p
xo- Jasmine♥

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