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omq this set doesn't even make any sense
went to the roller rink last night
and it was so much FUN
i fell twice
but whatevskies brah
it was a good night.
'the color of friendship' was on at like 1:30
and i love that movie so i stayed up and watched some of it
c00l st0ry
has everyone heard about the m wall?
i did last night.
it's really sad.
i want a pair of toms.
super bowl sunday!
which barely even matters cuz the packers aren't playing
but we're still watching, of course.
some good ole fashioned football
i'm out of things to say.
school still sucks.
i want it to end.
my gym class is ok tho.
but this one guy i had math with for the year dropped, and now i don't see him ever, which is sorta sad cuz he was cool and i liked talking to him.
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