name; Parker Darcy
age; 15
grade; sophomore
likes; success, pianos, her sister, standing out, ambition, popularity, high heels, ballet flats, cardigans, classic literature, the color pink, heirloom jewelry, tradition, perfection, ivy league schools
dislikes; rude people, obnoxious people, drinking, drugs, cigarettes, bad boys, dirtiness, creases in clothing, people who say her name is a boy’s name
signature item; “p” necklace
bio; when Parker found out that her parents had enrolled her and her twin sister, Charlotte, at Waverly academy she was thrilled. Parker is a social climber by design, she’s a perfectionist and needs to succeed in everything she does. she’s got the grades down, and she’s a young piano virtuoso. her next plan is to make it to the top of the popularity ladder. with her classically good looks and all the money behind her name she’s almost a shoe-in, but, she’s not much of a party girl. she prefers gala openings and dinner parties to raves and ragers. but being at Waverly might just change all that. the Waverly perfect friends and boyfriend she’s looking for don’t exist, instead she finds herself in a sea of drama and scandal. she might have all the credentials, but this goodie-goodie’s going to have to loosen up if she wants to get anywhere with the elite owls.
looks; Lindsay Ellingson
taken by; me? 

Top 3
1. Parker, Parker, Parker!
2. Sage
3. Brett 

Location: Walsh library

I paced back and forth in the Biography section of the library, it was the place I came to when I needed to do some serious thinking. After a few minutes of pacing like a maniac, I managed to settle down and sat comfortably on one of the red velvet chairs at the library. 

I sighed as I breathed in. The library. I knew this place well. I belonged here, I lived here. The familiar smell of old, torn books, waxy floors, newly painted walls and dusty desks and shelves always calmed me to contentment. It was odd how something so ancient and seemingly boring place made me happy. Well, I am odd, I admitted to myself. What was I stressing out about? I had just passed all my tests, straight A+'s and even got good grades for my extra credit assignments. Charlotte was being nice to me again and everything seemed fine.

But it wasn't.

Moving to this new school, I think I'll have lots of pressure to face. I don't think smart, bright, pinkly-dressed girls are the norm at Waverly. Well, they soon /would/ be the norm once I become popular., I told myself. I got up from the chair as the librarian started looking at my like I was a freak or something, and I found myself in the Self Help section. I scanned /all/ the shelves and racks for things on fame, popularity and getting well-known at school.

Soon enough, "How To Be Pretty and Popular" was in my delicate, long-fingered hands (that's why I'm superb at Piano, my long fingers!). I read the book like it was a delicious feast and I was a starving, voracious orphan who hadn't eaten in weeks. I devoured the book in minutes and put it back on the shelf. I sighed as I looked at the clock. I had a few hours until my next piano lesson. 

Taking out my neon pink leather bound journal, I wrote in cursive, "How to be popular

1. Be confident.

2. Make friends...."

Step #2 was going to be the hardest. Friends? What are those? I know I've heard of them in books and TV shows, but in real life? Only Charlotte was my friend....

I hope I get the part! xoxo
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