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If you're like me, you think it's completely ridiculous that you have to pay $0.69-$1.29 for every song that you want onto your Apple device. I understand that the money goes to the artists, but let's get real- we just want our music okay? So, please please don't lecture me in the comments. Your comment will be deleted.♥


-Make sure that you have iTunes downloaded on your computer/laptop.

-In one tab, have youtube open. In another, have http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ open.

-In the youtube search bar, type in the song that you want to download. Listen to the song and make sure that it doesn't get cut off, it's a different song, that it sounds good, etc.

-Copy the link of the song in the address bar and open the YouTube to mp3 tab. Erase the link that is already listed and paste your link into it. Click the convert icon and wait for the song to convert to an mp3 file. This may take up to about 3 minutes.

-Once it is done, click the download link. If you have Internet Explorer I think you click save, or save to file.. Something like that. But save it to your downloads folder so it can easily be found.

-Open the folder that you saved your downloads to and rename them. Make sure the spelling is correct. Make sure to add the artist name and the album info if you know it.

-Add the folder into your iTunes. Then in the top right corner select sync.

-If you don't care about cover art, then you're done! If you would like cover art, once you add the song into iTunes right click it, edit, then there's some where that says add cover art. You'll see it.


-Make sure that you have iTunes downloaded.

-Go to itemvn.com

-In the search bar, type the song that you want. The best choice to choose to download is the one with the most or second most plays.

-Cilck on the song and if you have Google Chrome, wait for the little green bar to load all the way before you click download. This should only take about 15 seconds, max. Then click download. 

-Find the folder that you saved the songs to. Open it and make sure they are all there and play correctly. You don't have to fix the names of the songs or artists or anything because once you add it to iTunes it will be fixed magically.(;

-Add the folder to iTunes and then click sync.

-Usually the correct album work comes with the downloads, so you don't have to worry about adding it yourself.

So yeah it's pretty easy to add songs to your Apple device without having to pay. Good luck! If you have any question, submit them in the comments below.(:

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