I really really really hate that whole pastel goth thing and had no intention of making Twyla's style remotely like it but I may have failed in places. Bah.
Twyla is painfully shy. She's the daughter of the Boogeyman, but she likes to capture bad dreams. Her outfits involve a lot of swirls, spiders, keyholes, and dreamcatchers. My twyla is a little bit darker.
I stole a couple things from Semp's Boogey girl

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Wrote two years ago
Ah! This collection's so amazing! I especially like the inclusion of that Freddie sweater ;) I have to agree with you though, I think Twyla's character should be a little darker.

Wrote two years ago
I hope this comes off like I meant it, but you've seemed really adorable lately as far as aesthetics. It's great.


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