age; 15
god/goddess parent; Poseidon {+ daemon}
likes; pomegranate smoothies, the colour indigo, crystals {reminds her of her cave-home in the Underworld}
bio; For having been raised in the Underworld for the first seven years of her life, Tyrien's "remarkably well-adjusted," as the camp staff would say. {Perhaps, they expect her to dress in all black or something?} It was the goddess Persephone that insisted upon sending Tyrien to live above-ground, where she would have a life better-suited for a child. "Children need sunlight," the Queen said. And though Tyrien's mother was adverse to sending her daughter away, it was done anyway. Tyrien was sent to Camp Circe without any stops in between and has lived there full-time ever since. While being half daemon should make her the camp pariah, it's actually been beneficial to her social stature at Camp Circe's, what with her crazy incredible powers {mini earthquakes and the ability to create destructive cyclones with any water source} and all. Not to mention, she's the finest swordsman the camp has ever seen. Her weapon of choice is a bident, like the one Lord Hades carries. And while Tyrien does love camp and summers with her friends, what she really wants is to return to the Underworld to see her mother again. If only Circe would let her...
model; Sophie Vlaming
taken by; (hopefully) @anahelenaliveshere

two comments

Wrote three years ago
@deercat HOLYCRAPYES i have my fingers crossed i get her because I want to do this so badly!

Wrote three years ago
oooh la la i'm trying out for aleka and i have a feeling if get the part (and i know you're getting tyrien because this is perfect) then we can arrange a little unauthorized collaborative quest to the underworld :)


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