demons - imagine dragons

age; 15
god/goddess parent; Poseidon {+ daemon} 
likes; pomegranate smoothies, the colour indigo, crystals {reminds her of her cave-home in the Underworld} 
bio; For having been raised in the Underworld for the first seven years of her life, Tyrien's "remarkably well-adjusted," as the camp staff would say. {Perhaps, they expect her to dress in all black or something?} It was the goddess Persephone that insisted upon sending Tyrien to live above-ground, where she would have a life better-suited for a child. "Children need sunlight," the Queen said. And though Tyrien's mother was adverse to sending her daughter away, it was done anyway. Tyrien was sent to Camp Circe without any stops in between and has lived there full-time ever since. While being half daemon should make her the camp pariah, it's actually been beneficial to her social stature at Camp Circe's, what with her crazy incredible powers {mini earthquakes and the ability to create destructive cyclones with any water source} and all. Not to mention, she's the finest swordsman the camp has ever seen. Her weapon of choice is a bident, like the one Lord Hades carries. And while Tyrien does love camp and summers with her friends, what she really wants is to return to the Underworld to see her mother again. If only Circe would let her...
model; Sophie Vlaming 
taken by; 

top three choices: (excluding tyrien)
Sorry in advance for the long, meaningless, boring, badly written story. I haven't written in a while, plus I only wanted to get a feel for her character. :)

To me, there was nothing more relaxing than the feeling of the burning sun on bare skin. Add in silence except for the sound of the ocean moving and I was in heaven. 
I was lying on the upper deck of cabin three, my eyes closed, a cigarette in my hand. I had done this so many times that my hand didn’t miss the ashtray even with my eyes closed. It was kind of sad, but also proof of my skills. I chose to look at it from the second perspective. 
I was drowning in my own world, my thoughts far far away from my current situation. In my head I was back in the Underworld, surrounded by dead people, darkness and cold rivers and yet I was happy. The mere thought of being in the presence of my mom brought a small smile on my face and strong aching in my heart. There was nothing in the world that I wanted more than to go back to Underworld to see my mom. I didn’t even want to stay, no. I was very grateful I had gotten out of that place, and maybe they had been right in keeping me far from it until I was old enough to face such a situation.
But I was old enough, I was mature enough and I was skilled enough. I knew exactly what I wanted to do in the Underworld – see my mom – and I knew exactly what I didn’t want – getting trapped there. I wouldn’t let anyone ruin that for me, but I didn’t even get the chance to thanks to Circe and her constant ‘No.’ 

“DAMN IT TY! Cover the hell up!”, I suddenly heard a familiar shriek. It took all my self control not to roll over and fall into the ocean. Damn. She had a way of always interrupting at the wrong moment. 
I opened my eyes, turning my head around so I could see her. I blinked, the sun making it hard for me to see anything of her other than her silhouette. “What’s bothering you again, Ophelia?”, I sighed, already playing her answer in my head. Didn’t she get bored of herself? 
“It’s not so hard to f*cking put a top on.” 
“No one’s said anything of it being hard.”
“Then do it.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Damn it, Ty! Grow the hell up!”
Her whiny noise was giving me a headache. Sometimes I just wanted to see her mouth ductaped. Just as I was about to sit up I heard water splashing at the bottom of the cabin. Looking down I saw Sharky pulling herself up and heading towards the stairs. I couldn’t resist smiling, Ophelia was going to blow up. 
“Are my b*obs bothering you so much, darling?”
I could see her confusion at the gentle tone of my voice, at the sweet endearment at the end. She nodded. 
“Then feel free to look away.”
“Are we having the boobs discussion again?” Sharky had arrived on the upper deck. I looked back at Ophelia, her face reddening with anger. She didn’t know who to look at – me or my half sister, who just like me, was standing there in only her bikini bottoms. 
“Apparently Ophelia wants to push us to our boundaries”, I said in the sweetest voice I could fake. 
Sharky leaned against the railings, one hand on her hip, “I was hoping we’d get past this without any problems.” Her voice was calm and in control. 
Ophelia seemed to be debating whether or not this case was hopeless, but then she just shrugged and disappeared into the cabin murmuring ununderstandable words. It was her problem. We put up with all her make up and magazines scattered all around, she could accept our deal with bikini tops. 

I looked at Sharky who was about to go follow her into the cabin. “Hey hey, let it go!”, I quickly said before she could go inside and continue said discussion. I couldn’t vouch for a nice ending there. 
My half sister quickly shook her head and I could tell how anxious she was, “I couldn’t care less about that prude. I’m looking for Thalassa.” 
“Anything wrong?”, I said, quickly sitting up and brushing the hair out of my face to see her properly. 
“One of the sharks seems to be sick, so I wanted to ask Thalassa if she had any recommendations on what to do.” 
Of course. Nothing else in the world could cause Sharky that anxiety and that worried expression other than the safety and health of her sharks. “Do you need my help?” 
She shook her head, “I’m not willing to sacrifice you as bait.”
That was probably as emotional and close as our conversations could get. 
“Well, how long do you think you’ll take? It’s getting dark.” 
“A bit over an hour if I find Thalassa now, so I’ll get going.” 
“Alright”, I screamed after her, “he’ll be okay! Probably just a bruise!” Oh, whatever. 

I looked around. I had around three hours until sunset, so if I went now I could fit in a nice, long session of swordfighting. As soon as the idea had settled in my head I quickly went into my room where I put on a graphic muscle tee and beat up converse. I pulled my hair up in a ponytail, grabbed my sword and left the cabin, almost crashing into Taia. 
“Damn it! Can’t you pay attention?” I knew I was the one who hadn’t been focused, but I immediately got cautious when I was carrying a weapon with me. I could have quite easily hurt her seriously. 
She seemed shocked at my sudden appearance, “Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t expect to see you here.”
I raised an eyebrow, “You’re in front of my cabin.” 
“Ooh, damn it! I’m sorry about that too!” 
“Alrights, enough sorrys. What do you want?” 
She swallowed, obviously having an issue with whatever she wanted to say. Even though she was my half sister I couldn’t feel the same bond with her as with Sharky. Without even wanting to my eyes darted to the tattoo at her collarbones. I wasn’t sure whether I was jealous or whether I pitied her. Maybe a mixture of both. 
“I … I know you’re the best swordfighter in camp. And I was hoping if maybe, well, if you have time and he patience, and if I’m not bothering you in which case you can say no! No hard feelings at all!”
I was getting impatient. She was taking away from my precious time I could have spent training. “Taia, please. Spill.”
“Could you train me?!” 
It took me a few seconds to comprehend what she was saying. “You want me to train you? In swordfighting?” 
“Yes please! It would mean so much to me. You know I need to … to be really good.” 
“And here I was thinking the Queen was excellent enough”, I returned, sarcasm dripping from my voice. I hadn’t intended for it to come out this way and when I saw her hurt expression I felt bad. I hated feeling guilt. It made me do things I would normally never do, just like I was about to. 
“Yeah, why not.”
Her eyes sparkled, “Are you serious?” 
“What do you think?”
“You look dead serious.”
“Then don’t ask unnecessary questions.”
“And stop apologizing.”
“Sorry! Eh, damn it! Sor- I’ll shut up now.”
“Good, I was just about to change my mind”, I sighed. What had I gotten myself into. Training her would take up so much of my time. It’s not like she was bad, she was actually good. It’s just that I aimed for excellence, always. And if I were to train her I would want her to be the best, too. I knew it. I’d get way into it. 
“Do you have your things?” 
“No, I didn’t think you’d say yes”, she replied honestly. 
I smiled at her, “That’s nice of you.”
“You’re surprised?”
“Hey, I’m carrying a sword. Don’t forget that.”
“Sorr- Okay no. I’ll go get my stuff very quickly and then I’ll meet you …?”
The image of Sharky going to heal her friend now flashed before me. Somehow I didn’t want to get too far away from the beach, just in case. “At the beach. It’s probably empty now.”
“Okay!”, she said, already running off. A few steps away from me she turned around, a huge smile on her face, “THANK YOU!” 
“GOOO!”, I screamed back. 

A few minutes later we were standing on the beach. I had absolutely no idea what to do, but I’d just swing it. Something good would come out of it eventually, it had to. 
“Alright, some ground rules to start with. I want you to hold the sword. Show me, yes, okay. Swordfighting is not just a physical challenge, it’s a seriously hard mental one as well. You need to start thinking of the sword as part of you, as if it were an extension of your arm because it is. In a fight your sword isn’t simply a weapon anymore – it’s part of you.” 
I looked at any kind of response from her but I couldn’t read her mind. She was very focused and that’s all I was asking for. “Second of all, always remember this is not a game. You’re not fighting for fun, there’s always a reason behind a swordfight. There’ll be a winner and there’ll be a loser, and mostly the loser ends up dead. So remember, your opponent wants you dead. Never trust your opponent, even if it’s your half sister training you.” 
Her eyelids fluttered, and I smiled inside. This was going better than expected. “Third of all, you’re not in this to simply defend yourself. You need to become the aggressor, the attacker. In order to do that you have to be one step further than the actual fight. You need to understand your opponent, which is why you spend the first minutes of the fight observing him. You need to catch on to his patterns, to his strength, to his weakpoints. You always have to plan ahead. And fourth of all, because your opponent will be doing the same observation, you need to know YOUR patterns. Your opponent will figure them out and crush you if you don’t trick him. And last of all, never lose focus. You don’t get breaks or second chances – mess it up once and you’re finished.” 
If my words were scaring her, she wasn’t letting it show. She simply nodded. I nodded as well, picking up my sword. I loved my baby. I turned back around, facing Taia. “Are you ready?” 
She nodded again. “Good, but this is the only time someone will ask you if you’re ready or not”, and with that I started to do what I did best, what by now felt like second nature to me. 

I only let her stop when she dropped to the floor, face down in the sand. “I never should have asked you to help me”, I could hear her mutter. I smirked, “Agree. But you did, so you’ll have to put up with me.” She didn’t say anything I could understand, but I could hear muffled noises coming from her. 
“Anyways, I’ll go now. I’d say you better go to bed early because tomorrow we’re starting in the morning.” 
She immediately flopped around, starting at me with wide eyes, “NOOOO! Why the morning? Today was ideal!” 
“Do you want to be good or not?”, I asked, already walking away from her and heading to the cabins. 
“Yeeees!”, she screamed after me. 
“Then you better trust me! And I say tomorrow morning!”, I screamed back. 

I went to my cabin to drop my sword, take my showering thing and then I headed to the outdoors showers, one of my favorite part of the whole island. I took my time showering and then I went back to the cabin where I immediately headed to the lower deck where I sat down, my feet dangling in the water, a book in my hand. 
I sat there for over an hour, waiting for my reckless sister to come back from her – in my opinion – meaningless journey. I knew she’d said an hour, but I was sure she needed a lot more time. I would give it one more hour and then I’d have to act. When she finally arrived I stood up to hand her a towel. It was freezing and I had already put on a hoodie. 
“How did it go?” 
“He’s a lot better, as far as I can tell”, she replied, her voice giving away how tired she was. Not that she’d ever admit it. I understood her perfectly well. “I’ll still have to go again tomorrow, but for today I did what I can do.” 
“We both missed dinner today, so I sneaked some food in”, I said from the cabin. I then came out with a huge plate filled with as much food as I had been able to put on it without risking any loss. 
I put the plate down and sat down next to Sharky, “I’m starving!” 
“Tell me about it. What were you up to today anyways?” 
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