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Audition for Uderwold Drif: http://www.polyvore.com/underworld_drift_redux_ud/group.show?id=170476

Cairo Prowl-Livet // Charlotte Free 
{Aged 18}
First of all, Cairo doesn’t want any of your bullshit. She’s seen it all and done it all. She’s always right, and you’re always wrong. She’s hard-headed. One of the few things she enjoys in life is Circuit racing on her cherry red, sleeker than oil motorbike. She likes the Circuit for all the tattooed, lightly muscled men from opposing gangs that think they’re the shit because they can make it through a few laps on the Circuit without getting killed. But can they do that and win at the same time? Cairo may not be impressed with the men, but she is a shameless flirt. And something about the guys hitting on her belonging to a rival gang makes it even more exciting. Gian Piero makes trips down to the Circuit specifically to see Cairo race. Drifts whisper that they slept together once, and he never really got over her. But Cairo can’t stand Gian. Not anymore. He’s a murderer, and she lost her sister (who used to be a Drifter until she was killed by Patrol) because of him. And that’s something Cairo never has gotten over.
Taken by: hopefully @martasmiling

Playlist: https://8tracks.com/marta-checcucci1/i-don-t-care

"The winner is Cairo!" 

The announcer of my winning didn't seem to be very pleased by it, but the crowd certainly didn't agree with him. I still had my goggles and my gas mask on but from the screams I was catching, they went totally crazy for me. 

I parked my baby and headed myself to Greg and Arnold, ready to get my money. "Amazing race kitty cat" Arnold greeted me with an urreal smile on his bearded face, "want to keep going?"

"You totally should". Greg added immediately, "people loves you and right now you're at the top of the bill". I knew that grin that he was wearing very well and it usually didn't mean something good.

I lighted up a cigarette, "You babies are so sweet" I purred,"but today I'm out. Just give me what I earned" 

"Are you sure, these ones coming seems beginners, easy mon-"

"Shut up Greg" I smiled

He shrugged his shoulders, "As you command ma'am" he said slapping some bills on my hand.

"Go lick someone's else as.s" I said as I turned tail.

If someone didn't know me well, he'll probably think I'm a rude girl. And it's partially true but I even go easily on my nerves.

Plus now I really have to go looking for some new stuffs for improve my baby's engine. And something for the wheels too. I was thinking of adding a differential to them for making them roll too. I should have talk to Maria about these--

Oh hey you marmoreal-abs-guy. I couldn't rest myself from staring at that greek god like guy leaning on a wall, rolling something that looked like a cigarette, a smirk on my face as I scanned him. I took a long sip from my cigarette and I headed to him, as I came closer a smirk started appearing on his perfect face. 

"Everything okay sugar?" he asked me as was just few steps away from me.

"I was wondering if you had been stealed at gray market 'cause you're not legal at all" I said with a grin. 

"Are you even allowed to say something like this?" he replied back, his word were mumbled due to the filter still between his lips.

"Apparently yes" I said flapping my lashes fawn like. 

He chuckled, "You don't mince words, don't you Cairo?"

"Well now that I know that you know my name, I won't stop myself for sure" I said again trying to be fascinating.

"Everyone in the Patrol knows you, Cairo" he said lighting up his cigarette. As he finished the sentence I put away my flirty mode. "Why don't we keep talking about it in front of an iced beer at the 400?" he asked.

"Aaaw sorry babe" I said with a pout, "but right now dating murderers isn't on my list of thigs to do so.." I walked over him. "See you never"

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