The Pretender // Foo Fighters

Okay, three things:
1) I know I shouldn't be auditioning because my time is like super-limited, but this rp is plain asdfghjkl and I just couldn't resist.
2) I feel like I've forgotten how to make dolls. I'm quite positive this doll sucks, so I'm not very proud of it. I've done way worse, though, so I guess I'll just leave it like that.
3) Story to come later because excuse me, I gotta go translate an Ancient Greek text of Simonides's to Modern Greek. Cheers!

Neroli Desdemona Stolo // Naomi Preizler
{Aged 19}
A pillbox hat perched on her glamorous blonde locks and a cigarette holder placed gracefully in her delicate hand, Neroli is quite capable of playing the lady. She's able to drawl and slink and refer to everyone around her as "dahling". But Ner has also been a warrior princess, a race rat, a smiley kiddle and an androgynous robot. Neroli is, quite simply, an actress. She's best at finding her information by way of pretend, as well as being able to transform herself into nearly anything by the swipe of a makeup brush. Raised by a gypsy medicine woman, her birth is quite a mystery to Neroli herself. Even when the makeup and wigs and costumes are gone, she's always in character... no one quite knows who the real Neroli Desdemona is.
Taken by: @delusions-of-grandeur

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