Saturday, April 21, 2012 
Instead of going to some high society like charity gala or some kind of wild party, we're venturing outside the Upper East Side, and across the bridge, into Brooklyn. Yes, Brooklyn. Kristina has heard of this interesting little bar, with live music and whatever liquor we please. So have fun, and try not to drink too much. We don't' want to have to drag up back home. 


People always talk about what it’s like to lose that one thing that you so dearly love. It’s hard. It’s hard to move on, and let go, but I had never thought those sort of things were real. 
Losing chuck to.. /raina/ was one of the worst things that could happen. there’s rules about this sort of thing. you don’t steal another girl’s boyfriend.. er, well, whatever he was. if people are happily in love, you leave them alone. hah if raina knew that.
Raina walking in could only mean hell, but hey at least /I/ looked better than her.
Luckily, chuck hadn’t come with her.
Yeah, i had doubted he’d come. we were in /brooklyn/ for heavens sake! “So, chuck stood you up?” I sent raina a smirk as I walked over to her. India, my brother’s ‘love of his life’, stood beside her. everyone just loved little miss raina - honestly, what lovable qualities did she have?! even kristina liked her! somtimes i wish I could throw her down stairs. “Actually, He just didn’t feel like Brooklyn tonight. I’m surprised to see you here.” She sent me some type of glare and I raised an eyebrow. “Well, I’m only here for Kris.” “Yeah Whatever,” She said back before turning to little miss soon to be sister in law about going out for a smoke. number one word to describe them would be classy, obviously. I turned around going back to the bar for a drink. I so badly needed one. My head hurt, and I wished I wasn’t here. I reminded myself of Kris, and how I was here for her. She was my best friend, and I was hers, and no stuck up brunette was going to change that. The party was pretty great, I had to admit. It might not have been my thing, but the music was not as bad as I had thought, and at least the people around me weren’t wearing bags - even if the purses they held were knockoffs. I watched Kristina and Josh and smiled softly. She had finally found her happy ending. It seemed like it would be so soon where I’d be standing beside my best friend at their wedding. Well, maybe not that soon. My eyes traced the people around me as I took sips of the martini I had ordered. It wasn’t /that bad/, considering I was in brooklyn.
Within months my life had changed. I had not only lost Nate, but Chuck too. Both guys happened to be my friends, and losing them was just, weird. out of the question. I thought I’d also have them near me. I guess things change, and so do people. I watched as the girls and guys made their way around, dancing far too close to each other, and laughing with each other. My eyes traveled around the rectangular bar as I noticed raina sitting with some guy, talking to him. Were they flirting? .. The guy seemed a little older than us both, maybe way older, but with his boyish good looks it really didn’t matter. I watched as the two laughed it up, and made cute, flashy, flirtatious conversation. She did know I was there right? She did see me at the party, and she knew I knew she was dating chuck, right? I watched as they made ended up closer and closer to each other, and I had no idea if she was drunk, but it was like she totally forgot about her boyfriend, at home.
Okay so fine, I was jealous of raina getting to be with chuck, but I was still Chuck’s friend, and if his girlfriend was cheating on him, it was my responsibility to tell him. I quickly slid out, and headed straight for the limousine I had asked to stay and wait for me. I had doubted I’d even be here that long. 
I pulled up at Chuck’s not too long after. This drive knew his way around the city. As I headed into the large hotel complex, I felt the memories of before. It was different, though. We weren’t kids, joking around anymore. He had a girlfriend, and was finally happy, and I guess in someway, at least he was happy. I made his way to the elevator, and up. As I arrived to his penthouse, I knocked on the door. The door opened, and chuck stood there, glaring at me. “Ava, what are you doing here?” He asked. “I thought you and Kristina had some brooklyn party.” He shrugged, not opening the door for me to walk in. “I came here to talk to you about Raina.” I tried not to gag at her name. What type of name was that anyways? “Look Ava, if this is some plot to try and get me away from Raina and to you, it’s not going to work.” Chuck muttered, no emotion on his face.
“Chuck, she was hooking up with someone else.” I spoke. Right now, i had no intention on giving him the news ‘easily’. He was a total ass to me, he should know. Chuck just rolled his eyes. “Ava, are we done with these games?” he asked as I nodded. “You don’t need to believe me, but we’re friends, and I needed to tell you.” I muttered, rolling my eyes. “If we’re friends, why are you making these damn stories up?” He asked, as I looked away. If they were stories, they’d be a lot worse, trust me. “They’re not stories chuck. Wish they were.” He didn’t look at me, he didn’t believe me /still/. “Fine, don’t believe me. go have fun with your perfect girlfriend.” I spoke before turning around, pulling my coat around me. There was no point to this anymore. Sometimes I wish it was easy to just let people go. 
The world would be so easy if that’s how it worked.
But it’s not, and I’m just gonna have to deal with that, I guess.


so basically, there ya go~

hope you guys liked it :’) <3
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