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Saturday, June, 28
Free Day! 

-Suri is mainly going to spend the day alone to ponder her thoughts.. but if you would like me to briefly mention your character, comment a location where Suri could see your nanny! 


Dear Diary, 
 Something isn't right. Although I am back at the Lopez's estate, I can tell that there is some sort of tension. I still haven't bothered to talk to Landon that much. I mean, I do change his bandage every other day, but that's pretty much it. I can tell that he is waiting for me to speak but what am I supposed to say? Hi Landon, I fell in love with you but you had... have a girlfriend and I will not be referred to as the other woman. Oh, and my ex-boyfriend Timothy aka the man that tried to kill you is back in town and I have re-fallen in love with him and I chose him. After all, you are a future doctor residing at UCLA. Now, go and finish out your education! Oh diary, what am I to do. 

XO Suri 

A knocking on the door forces me to end my diary entry early. 

If I had it my way, I would spend the entire day writing and doodling in my sacred notebook. 

But, alas, I must succumb to the orders of Mrs. Lopez who pretty much hates me. 

I open the door and readjust the bow on my Chanel shirt, a gift from Timothy. 

"All of us are heading off to my mother's house for a small family reunion. You are free to do as you wish."

It takes all that I have not to jump up and hug a towering Mrs. Lopez. 

"Thank you ma'am, I appreciate this time off. Have a lovely time at your mother's estate." 

With a nod of approval, Mrs. Lopez backpedals her steps and walks down the hallway, out of sight. 

I smile brightly at the thought of having a free day, and I nearly rush down to tell Landon, but then I remember that he hates me... at least, I think he does. 

Before I can close my door and dream about how to spend my day, the home telephone rings. 

I turn my head both ways down the hallway and realize that no one is in the house. 

I descend the staircase and walk over to a stray phone lying on a coffee table. 

"Hello, Lopez residence." 

"Hi, is Landon Lopez there? This is Judy Winthrop calling from the UCLA board of admissions. Although Landon is already a student, he has missed the first week of classes and we are all worried here at campus. Can you please tell him to give me a call once he is available?" 

"Su-ure thing. Thank you for calling." 

I hang up the phone and collapse onto the Lopez's velvet couch. 

He has been skipping classes at one of the nation's most premiere schools. And for what? To stay at home? His girlfriend hasn't been here in a week now that I think about it. He better not be here because of me. 

"Who was that?" 

Blood drains from my face as I turn around to face Landon. 

My eyes narrow and I grab a pillow and chuck it at him. 


Landon catches the pillow with ease and limps over to where I am sitting and takes a seat opposite me. 

"You and I both know why I am here." 

He whispers and smiles at me. 

I turn away and pretend to be admiring a family photo dated back to 2007. 

"Suri. Look at me." 

I avoid eye contact and turn the other direction and pretend to admire an exotic plant. 

"I never wanted to hurt you. How could I bring up my girlfriend when I knew that I was falling for you? Thoughts of her vanished from my mind."


I whisper. 

"What you don't know is that my father arranged for the two of us to start a relationship. She, Renee, is graduating this year alongside me. She has already been promised a spot at Harvard's medical school. My father wants us to be together so that I will have a chance to attend Harvard as well---because, she is in love with me and wouldn't dare leave me behind. I never loved her. I never felt feelings for her. Never." 

Tears sting my eyes and I get up and walk out the front door, not knowing where I am headed. 


I speed off in my silver mercedes, an early gift from the Lopez's, and I park neatly in a parking space at Buehler's grocery store. 

I grab a cart and roll it inside. Once I am greeted by a rush of air conditioning, I decide to purchase some sweets for Mrs. Lopez. 

I head into the bakery section of the store and nearly collapse from my surroundings. 

Ursula stands near the doughnuts, flirting with a sales associate of some sort. 

I vowed that if I were to ever see her again, I would end her life... but... well... this place is far too public for me to try anything. 

How about I annoy her? 

I pull up beside Ursula's half-full cart and smirk at her. 

"Ursula! John, the love of your life, has been wandering around the store looking for you. He wanted me to tell you that your touch is sweeter than a spoonful of sugar." 

Her glare is so sharp but I don't care to be quite honest. I smile brightly and turn my attention to the crushed employee. 

He turns away and walks behind the tall counter and out of sight. 

I nod, satisfied, and roll my cart over to the muffins. 

"You are so dead." 

Ursula hisses and chucks a bagel at the back of my head, leaving a future bump to be honest. 

"You did not just throw a raw bagel at me." 

I say, my voice rising. 

Ursula smirks and rolls her cart away. 

I quickly scan my eyes across all food items nearest me. 

I grab a dozen pack of mini cupcakes and chuck all of them at Ursula. 

Her cart screeches to a stop, but I am gone before she can even bother to throw another bagel at me. 


After purchasing a tray of muffins, I breeze out the door, hop into my car, and speed out of the parking lot. 

I decide to head to the boardwalk and treat myself to a funnel cake. After all, don't I deserve it after getting pounded by a bagel?


After buying a beautifully scented funnel cake, I take a seat on a wooden bench and glance at my vibrating phone. 

I notice a message from Timothy, and I smile.

to: suri
from: t<333

I miss you. Meet me tonight at my place for a romantic dinner? I promise that it will be worth your time ;) You are the stars to my empty sky. --Timothy

My heart begins to beat faster as I respond. 

to: t<333
from: suri

I wouldn't miss it for the world. xoxoxoxoxo

I press send and notice that my surroundings have gotten dark all of a sudden. 

I look up and notice Portia looming over me. 


I say awkwardly and take a bite of my funnel cake. 

Portia takes a seat beside me and nods. I had a funnel cake earlier today. Then I headed to the gym and now I am back here. Ursula apparently knew that you would be here and told me to keep an eye on you. 

I roll my eyes and point to myself. 

"Well, don't bother frying me into an egg. I have a date tonight." 

Portia glances at me, and I notice a flicker of approval glint across her eyes. 

"Do you have a dress?" 

I shake my head no. 


"Are you sure that this is a good idea?" 

I ask Portia while passing Gucci, Fendi, and Burberry. 

"Of course. You need to look stunning for him, and I know just the store." 

When did Portia learn to walk so fast? I nearly have to jog to keep up with her, but that's quite hard when wearing Rossi heels. 


Eventually, after stopping for a break several times, we both arrive at Saks Fifth Avenue. 


"That's the one!" 

Portia exclaims and claps her hands in delight. 

I sigh, this is my twelfth dress. 

The alter lady helps me up onto the stage and gestures for me to twirl. 

I smile at my appearance and admire how this gorgeous red dress hugs my curves in all of the right places. 

"It's perfect." 

I breathe. 


After purchasing the five-hundred dollar dress, Portia leaves me near the entrance to head to the shoe department. 

After purchasing a cashmere scarf, I decide to head to Wendy's for a quick bite to eat before getting ready for tonight's dinner. 

I pull up to the drive-through window and notice a familiar looking face in front of me. Channary. 

I slip on my tinted sunglasses and quickly order a small french fry. 

She betrayed me, and I haven't the energy to argue with her right now. 

I can feel her eyes boring into her rearview mirror, but I just don't give a damn. 

Once I get my order in a white paper bag, I speed off and head back to the Lopez's house to get ready. 


The dress is absolutely beautiful. It glimmers in the light and makes me look thinner than normal. My black peep toe heels accent the dress perfectly, and my Chanel clutch ties the whole look together. 

I hear a knock at my door and I quickly open it before heading back to my vanity. 

"If only I could make you that happy." 

I stop applying mascara and turn to look at a relaxed Landon leaning against my bed. 

"You did once." 

I reply and begin applying eyeshadow. 

I notice Landon approach me, and I begin to tense. 

"UCLA called again while you were out. Because of who I am.. they have decided to allow me to take an online class for the next month. So, I guess I won't be heading anywhere." 

A small piece of me is happy, but the majority of me feels angry. 

I turn around and face Landon. 

"Landon, I can't."

He rests his hand on my head and nods. 

"You will Suri. I know that you love me too."

He walks out the door, leaving me confused. 


I knock on Timothy's door and wait patiently for him to answer. 

The door opens, and I am greeted by a radiant Timothy dressed in a black tuxedo. He smells of timber and ginger, and I find myself forgetting anything that Landon said to me as Timothy takes my hand and leads me inside. 

I briefly remember Landon preparing me a dinner at the camp a few weeks ago, but I don't ponder that night for too long. 


After a delicious dinner, Timothy shows me around his modern log cabin. 

We eventually arrive to his bedroom, and I sniff the air. 

"This room still smells brand new." 

I murmur. 

Timothy squeezes my hand and tells me to look at him. 

"I have never entered this room. I told myself that I would only come in here with the love of my life. I would never sleep in this bed without her. Now, she has finally come." 

A tear falls down my cheek and I stand up on my tippy-toes and kiss Timothy softly on the lips. 

He picks me up and leads me to the gorgeous kingsized bed in the center of the room. 

Well, I guess you can imagine what happens next. 


I open my eyes and don't realize that I have fallen asleep until I look at the time. 

It's 2:33 am. 

I turn over and admire a sleeping Timothy. 

I kiss his cheek and rest my head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat. 

I feel his hold on me tighten, and I close my eyes and succumb to a blissful sleep. 

the end (:
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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
The supermarket probably I always seem to bring her there!!

Wrote two years ago
I loveeeee this song as well!

Wrote two years ago
This is my song ❤
Okay, hmm You can find Portia at the mall, gym, or the boardwalk




“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
-Coco Chanel ♥
please high class fashion sets only. roleplay ads allowed, though.
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The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

The Elite of High Fashion Roleplays

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Basically, this is an advert group for high fashion roleplays. Only high fashion;) You can post your advert sets and send me links to your roleplays which will be shown on here. I'll choose some great ones for you! This is also a page where you can look at if you want to find a new roleplay to join.
Please also post your gorgeous role-play sets.
The second point is that it's a roleplay help group ;) You can ask questions and the FAQs will be posted. It doesn't matter whether they're about models, bio or anything else. Apropos models: I'll post collections with underused models and new faces. You can send your collections, too. Male and female, that is.
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How to get into the Hall of Fame:
Pm the link to @glitterinmyveins or @leboutonderose and expect it to be there soon! Please include one sentence that briefly explains your roleplay. If you do not include it in the pm, one will be created by the mods.
If you have any questions concerning roleplays (e.g how to write a bio, what's an audition, which model to use...) pm @leboutonderose or @glitterinmyveins. We'll answer your questions and if they're interesting for other, will be put them to the FAQs.

La Paris Academy
Situated in the outskirts of Paris, this academy provides those who can afford it with knowledge and prestige. But life there isn't only glamourous since there's a person who makes you and the other girls fulfill tasks each week. If you don't manage your task, your darkest secret will be revealed and for everyone to see...
Apple, Inc.
Become a part of the Apple universe and spread your rebellious ideas on campus. Maybe you'll be the next Steve Jobs? Only time will tell. Just stick to your visions.
Girls of New York
Work at Vogue and belong to the most envied girls in the world: The girls living and working in the buzzing city of New York. Fashion, style and glamour are daily part of your life, but don't forget about your real life either.





An advertising group to submit all role-play advertisements and sets.
- Monthly contests to display your set-making and writing skills.
- Upcoming role-plays will be advertised!
- Member of the month will get an advertisement as well.

PM @ps-saeglopur to see your roleplay advertised in an announcement and put onto our page! Please include a link and short description of the roleplay in the message.
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would you like extra glitter in your tea?

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