I actually like this. :3

Anyway, I hung out with Wayne yesterday. :3
Couldn't really do our little date thing that we planned. :/
My sister had to come with me. -___- (but I understand why) and I wanted to hand out with him from 12 to 7... but I knew that wasn't going to happen. We hung out from 1-4...5. I didn't want to leave. D;;;;;;
But I still had fun being with him. <3 
Today is his birthday.... UGH AND I DIDN'T MAKE HIM A BIRTHDAY SET!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! D;;;;;;
I'm going to make it in a sec. x3

My birthday is in 3 days! <3
Just going to stay home, eat cake and ice-cream, and play with my new I-Pod. x3
I sound fun. x3

Texting Wayne now. <3
Sound like he is already having a fun birthday. <3 :)

Well, I gotta go make that birthday set. See ya guys later... or tomorrow.... or this weekend. You never know when I'll be on. x3
Byyyyyye! <3
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