Part 5- "Telling your Parents" "Thinking of Names" "The Ultrasound Attack" and "It's Time!"

"She's gorgeous," Harry gushed over your newborn daughter, Lanie Joy Tomlinson. A spitting image of you, with hints of Louis in her eyes and nose, you couldn't help to think she was absolutely perfect. "She's so beautiful. And tiny. Is she suppose to be this tiny?" Harry asked. "It's weird Hazza. She's just naturally that small. There was nothing wrong during the pregnancy, just genetics. Weird huh?" you said."I think she is as perfect as could be," your husband said, taking your daughter from Harry's arms, and rocking her back and forth gently. Seeing both of the boys so calm with your daughter, you turned to them. "I'm going to slep. Goodnight Hazza, goodnight Love," you said to Lou. "Wake me up when the rest of the boys come." "Go to sleep babe, you deserve it. Sweet dreams," Lou said, he and Harry both sitting down, gushing over Lanie silently. You smiled, and drifted off to some well deserved rest.

Sorry it was so short! I'm working on a couple others, hopefully able to post them soon!
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