Under-Eye Liner

Eyeliner is perhaps the world’s oldest cosmetic, and the ancient Egyptians were just as enamored of the stuff seven millennia ago as we are today. In fact, for something as trend-dependent as makeup, eyeliner has remained remarkably unchanged over the centuries, and civilizations all over the world have enjoyed its gaze-enhancing powers.
Dramatically lined eyes never go out of style, clearly, but the way we draw it on is actually a lot more versatile than people might believe. In the modern era, we’ve generally applied our eyeliner to the top lash line, using the area under our eyes as an accent. But lately, designers have been showing us a very different look: gorgeous, vividly lined eyes with the emphasis on the bottom lash lines. It’s a daring refashioning, but well worth the risk. Check out how these members made the look work!
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