Under Armour® Braided Headband
  • Under Armour® Paralux Headband
    Braided non-slip stretch headband.
  • MADEWELL Braided Hair Bands
    Finish off your braid with a braided twist (these come in packs of three). Pretty enough to wear on your wrist. Pack of 3. Cotton/elastic/brass. Import.
  • FOREVER 21 Metallic Faux Rose Headband
    Put your hair into a messy side braid and top it off with this faux rose headband in a metallic finish! For the ideal wanderlust ensemble, wear this with a lace dress and delicate jewelry. Lightweight. Elastic back. Width of headband: 2.5" One size fits most. Imported.
  • FOREVER 21 Braided Velveteen Headband
    This vintage-inspired headwrap is crafted in sumptuously soft velveteen, with a braided construction that gives it a whimsical, feminine feel. Elasticized back. Lightweight. Width of headband: 1" Imported.
  • FOREVER 21 Knotted Chevron Headwrap
    This open-knit knotted headwrap features a multicolored chevron pattern with an inherent boho flair perfect for topping off flowy woven trousers or breezy kimonos. Elasticized back. Lightweight. Width of headwrap: 2" Imported.