this set looks like a Kyary music video threw up on it

The other day we had a Choir Board thing, which I wasn't looking forward to because I was anticipating it consisting primarily of intimidating upperclassmen storming around. All twelve of us had to drag ourselves back to school. It's weird being there when there's not another soul in sight. ("Walking through these empty halls, tears in my eyes.")
("This is where the story ends.")
(sorry, not sorry)
(^ Sweden's greatest export, guys. ^)

Where was I?
K, so after we'd all gathered in the choir room, our director made us do one of those 'getting-to-kno-u' exercises ew (you know the drill: "Hi, my name is Alisha, I'm a junior, and I like show tunes." "Hi, my name is Ben, I'm a senior, and I like Metallica." "Hi, my name is Rae, I'm a sophomore, and I like middle-aged Danish actors with nice cheekbones.") 
(I didn't really say that.)
(or did i)

Aaaanyway. Afterr finishing the thing, we basically sat around watching "leadership videos" and discussing our "objectives" for next year for three full hours, which is overkill if you ask me. But it's not as though I was going to do something productive with my time had I failed to attend. 
After the meeting was adjourned, we all went out to Chilli's together. It was actually really nice and I felt like maybe the Scary Upperclassmen aren't as Scary as I'd taken them for, initially. 
Either way, Choir Board should make for an interesting year.

I've been running around delivering job applications for the past two weeks, and although I did get an interview for a position as a movie theater usher, not much is really turning up. I can't get a job because I don't have any previous experience because I've never worked before because I can't get a job because I don't have any previous experience. w00h00 real life is gross.

my resolution for this summer - apart from getting a job - is to diet...not in order to lose weight, but in an attempt at trying to get my skin to clear up (although i wouldn't be opposed to losing a little weight i mean c'mon). 
so far it's not going well because yesterday my mom came home with a giant tres leches cake 
im off to a great start 

One of my oldest friends, who moved away a couple years ago, flew down from northern Cali this morning and we spent the day driving around town. We ate brunch at a Mexican place and then poked around in an antique shop for tacky souvenirs and then went to Paige's boyfriend's house and there were a lot of people there and Savannah accidentally locked my car keys inside the car and we had to fish them out with a hook and Paige's boyfriend OWNS A DUCK THAT JUST WALKS AROUND HIS HOUSE BEING PISSED OFF AT EVERYTHING (???!!!!!1!) and I fell asleep on his bed which I guess was a little awkward but I was really tired and everyone was cool about it and then Savvy and I went to Baskin Robbins and got daiquiri sundaes and then we went to Ashley's and watched a really terrible rom com and that was my day and it was wonderful 

uh im pretty sure that's it 

o no wait a sec

okay so one piece of news that surfaced during that Choir Board Officer meeting is that MY FAVORITE MUSICAL OF ALL TIME IS GOING TO BE NEXT YEAR'S SCHOOL MUSICAL 




so how're you guys doing
what's ups, pudding cups?
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Wrote two years ago
this is also the best set i eva seen

Wrote three years ago
ok just makin' rounds looking at old sets I've missed in my absence, don't mind me
(instead of studying for SAT subject test or HW woops)
verrrrrrry true on the thing about being at school when no one else is there

Wrote three years ago
Waaah so amazing~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Wrote three years ago
Oh no I enjoyed it but he's really just an awkward turtle duck.



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