I was tagged by @mischieffoal in their lovely set http://www.polyvore.com/blue/set?id=46287248
"The challenge is to use one item from this set and make a set all in shades of blue! Then tag 10 people."

Um.. I tag everyone who would like to do this challenge. :)

While I was making this I kind of made up a story for the two fish. They are in love but they get ripped away in a storm and have to fight to find each other and be reunited. The don't stop to eat or rest except when they are desperate and soon the other fish notice something is going on. They watch as the two fish search at first but fall in love with their story so begin to help. However everything seems to be conspiring against them. Humans start to notice the unusual behaviour in the fish in that area so take in some of the fish for research. The two lovers finally find one another but when the humans begin to suspect they are diseased, they must fight their way out or perish... 

Yeah... I'm strange... <3
Happy almost-Easter, everyone!
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