"Your turn Maggie truth or dare?" Asked Caity, Caity, Michelle, and I were having a girls night at Michelle's. "truth" I said "okay do you have feelings for Liam?" "yes I mean I thought I did but now I'm not so sure" I replied Caity just stared at me "so guys who wants to watch a movie"? said Michelle quickly changing the subject "sure what movies do we have"? I asked "pitch perfect, mean girls, Friday the 13th, and the hunger games" Michelle replied "let's watch all of them" Caity said eagerly and we laughed. 
"Hey Michelle do you think you could give me a ride to my house?" I asked "um there's something I need to do" I said. Michele, and I got in the backseat of her older sister Jamie's car "I can't wait until February when I turn 17 I get my own car" muttered Michelle "quit complaining" replied Jamie. When we finally reached my house Jamie stopped the car and I jumped out I ran to my doorstep and stopped when I saw Liam he crouched on the ground half asleep with a blanket draped over him there were dark circles under his eyes he looked as if he hadn't gotten much sleep in the past few days his eyes fluttered open "why were you sleeping on my doorstep"? I asked "waiting for you" he replied "for how long"? "since midnight" he said I sat down beside him "why would you do that?" I asked "because I care about you and I want you to know that I'm not giving up on you" he said and then out of nowhere he kissed me I kissed him back his lips felt warm against mine " I have to go" I said "no stay" said Liam pulling on my arm "I promised Michelle I'd hang out with her today" I said sitting up "call me" he replied "I will" when I got back in the car Michelle looked at me and said "do find what you were looking for" "yup" I smiled and couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the night.
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