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A pace to share ORGANIZED sets Goal: 300 members Also make sure to join my other group with new contests every week Timeless Beauties: http://www.polyvore.com/timeless_beauties/group.show?id=177930 Rules: 1. No nudity, profanity, racism, promotion of drugs (marijuana included, and no threatening in any way possible. 2. I don't want drama. 3. I don't take bribery so don't even try. 4. Follow the theme, it ruins it for everyone when you don't so read the rules. Oh one more thing! If you've seen a link from me in your comments on one of your sets, that means you have met the requirements for a contest. If you open the link it takes you straight to contest.
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New Contest "Plaid" Lineup 1. Jeans 2. Coat 3. Moon 4. Leather 5. Pajamas

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