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I'm walking around the corner when the man bumps into me. He's got a pensive expression on his face, and when we collide, he doesn't say anything. Doesn't even mutter an apology for making me drop my coat. I'm not taking that from anyone.

"Hello?" I say, rudeness sneaking into my voice. "Show a little respect for your fellow humans, maybe?" Annoyed, I pick up the coat and dust it off.

"Scottish. And maybe a small town. Leadworth?"

What? And now Stranger is guessing my place of residence. When strangers are right, I stop asking questions and start walking away. Quickly.

I'm nearing the end of the street when I pull my coat back on. It's actually quite cold, and I'm regretting not wearing my scarf. London's a lot bigger than Leadworth, though, and if I weren't quite so lost, I'd go back and grab it. Unfortunately, someone - ahem, Rory? - got me all turned around on directions. Then he borrowed the map. Which he hasn't returned. I don't understand why the man needs a map - he has a far better sense of direction than I do. But apparently Rory gets the map anyways.

I round the corner, hoping something will look familiar. Stranger Man doesn't seem to be following me, but I'm sure he's smart enough to follow further behind. I'm about to give up all hope when I spot Rory.

"Hey," I say. "What's the deal with not giving me the map?"

Rory looks serious. "Come on," he says. "The Doctor needs us. Now."

The man is forgotten, and then we're both off, running wildly through the streets of London.


"I thought you said the TARDIS was parked here," I say, panting. "But I don't see a TARDIS. Rory..."

"I swear, it was right here. Or in another alley -"

"-that looked just like this one," I finish. "You said that last time, too."

"Ponds, stop bickering, please. It hurts my ears!" And then, behind us, he's here. The Doctor.


I tag @topaz-39 to continue the story.
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