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  • UNIQLO Women Milano Ribbed Jogger Pants
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    UNIQLO Women Milano Ribbed Jogger Pants
    Superb stretch for easy movement! Our milano ribbed jogger pants.. ・Made from milano ribbed knit material, they feel like sweatpants and allow easy movement.. ・The soft, casual texture is great for active wear.. ・Tapered silhouette for sleek lines.. ・The waist and cuffs are ribbed only in the back, for a relaxed, comfortable fit despite the clean, elegant style.
  • UNIQLO Women's Airism Ankle Length Sweatpants
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    UNIQLO Women's Airism Ankle Length Sweatpants
    These women's AIRism sweats are as light as air, for superb refreshing comfort. Packed with comfort features, they provide a long-lasting fresh feel even in warm weather. The ankle-length cropped cut is cool and light, and tucks in the waist create a loose fit that tapers toward the fitted cuffs. Great for sports or casual wear.
  • UNIQLO Women Drape Jogger
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    UNIQLO Women Drape Jogger
    Jogger pants that are light and easy to wear. Fabric drapes elegantly for a silhouette that’s perfect for the office and beyond. We added belt loops to make them more sophisticated and gave them a stylish fit for a dressy look.
  • UNIQLO Women's Milano Ribbed Joggers
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    UNIQLO Women's Milano Ribbed Joggers
    These women's jogger pants are made from sturdy material, yet feature a soft texture for a relaxed feel. The elastic drawstring waist provides a gently snug fit, and the tapered cut is comfortable yet sleek and stylish, perfect for trendy looks.
  • UNIQLO Women's Sweatpants
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    UNIQLO Women's Sweatpants
    Made for all-day lounging, our lightweight Women's Sweatpants are now reimagined in a tighter, textured knit. Small refinements like a higher back yoke help to flatter and slim the silhouette.. • Drawstring waist. • Angled side pockets
  • UNIQLO Women Heattech Leggings
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    UNIQLO Women Heattech Leggings
    The latest items in our high-performance HEATTECH line are even softer and smoother, for more advanced comfort. Camellia oil has been added as a moisturizer that keeps your skin feeling soft and supple. Packed with tons of other features for cold-weather comfort, these full-length leggings wrap you up in toasty warmth all the way to your ankles. We redesigned them this year to be less sheer, for easier outfit pairing.
  • UNIQLO Women's Printed Sweatpants
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    UNIQLO Women's Printed Sweatpants
    These stylish sweatpants feature a tapered silhouette that ends in a ribbed cuff. The softly colored camouflage print gives them a feminine look. A high yoke at the back provides a flattering fit, and the silhouette slims the hips. Features pockets at the sides and right back hip.
  • UNIQLO Women Sweatpants
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    UNIQLO Women Sweatpants
    These women's sweatpants are prewashed for a soft, contoured feel. Although they have a loose and comfortable fit, they show off a slender, feminine silhouette. The simple design pairs great with any outfit.
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