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United We Stand

Ok this is a group that we have created for very close knit friends. People who seem to have roughly around the same friends as others. So mutual friends. Friends that tag others in a third persons set, or bring someone else into a conversation because you know they will add to the joy of it. (You can join by a group invitation only). You can find here the story of the group: ( There are different categories so you may find interest in this group! Specific categories are moderated by the specific people listed. ANIME & MANGA Moderators: @i-love-stan-the-man & @pinkstardust FASHION (Focus on stylist/style/brand/trends) Moderators: @hollisterlove11 & @bommie-says-saranghae (old account: @megan-urie-loves-brendon) MUSIC *J-Pop Moderators: @ink1212 & @lawliet-had-a-heart *K-Pop Moderators: @robot-in-a-box & @pig-rabbit003 *Western Music (American and European singers/bands) Moderators: @misaki32 & @xxshatteredmemory VIDEO GAMES Moderators: @of-bullets-and-miniskirts & @prestigiously-pink About the contests: Every 3 weeks, we'll change the category. Contests' themes will follow this order: anime&manga / fashion / music / video games. Each contest will have various themes. The winners will be chosen by -at least- 2 mods.
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