Set for my FanFiction story, Whispers in the Dark.

As V turned a corner to take her favorite shortcut through the alleys, she came across a big blue police box.

She blinked a couple of times to make sure what she was seeing was real. She had read about these curious boxes that populated the streets of London in the 60s, but she would have never imagined that she would find one in her way. She was immediately intrigued by the curious object standing in the middle of the alley. She approached it cautiously and stretched a hand before her as if to stroke it, but once she touched it she pulled back. The box felt alive under her palm, it was vibrating with life. Her fingers flew to her temples and she rubbed at them, sliding down the side of the box with her feet stretched before her.

Something was wrong. Something wasn't right. And with a start she realized what it was.

She couldn't identify the box.

All she knew about it wasn't coming from what she was seeing, but from what she had read. She wasn't discovering, she was remembering.

Suddenly the doors were thrown open and a man came out of it, a tall man with brown hair sticking almost on end in a long brown coat and a blue pinstriped suit with maroon high tops. At once V closed her eyes to block off the disturbing feeling that was overtaking her.

She couldn't identify the man.

''Oh, you do seem to love London, don't you?'', the man asked in thin air, and V got the impression he was talking to the box. ''Let's see what we've got this time-'' He was interrupted by a low groan that escaped V's lips and he turned to the side of the box to see. When he laid his eyes on her he frowned. ''What are you sitting there for?''

Her eyes snapped open, but she didn't turn to stare at him. ''Nothing, is that a problem?''

''No, not at all.'' He knelt down beside her to examine her face. ''Are you alright?''

''I'm quite fine, or I think I am'', she mumbled, more to herself than to him. She dropped her hands and turned her eyes on him. ''Who are you?'' The words sounded alien in her mouth, having never used them before. Through her gift she could identify anything and anyone, but this man was only giving her a migraine.

The man smiled. ''I'm the Doctor.''

V frowned. ''What, you go around calling yourself the Doctor?''

''Yes'', he smiled even wider.
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