this issue came with unexpected obstacles on my end, so i'd like to apologize for the lack of content x.x
on a happier note: i really love this theme and i would like to revisit it at another time! it was very interesting and for most of them, very comforting to read. you all have such a way of expressing yourselves and it makes me so happy :-)
again, i'm so sorry for the lack of oomph from me this month, i'm hoping this next issue will help me get back into the swing of things!
if you're new here, don't forget to check out every set as they all have descriptions pertaining to it -- and don't forget to give all the contributors some love!
all the love,
jenny x


Wrote 4 months ago
hi everyone i suck at responding to things please forgive me!!! ahhh
@silver-sparrow sylvie, you always say the best things to me. i thank you endlessly. this is one of my favorite issues and i think it's all down to the rambly honesty. thank you for enjoying my bits (which sounds unintentionally inappropriate) x
@little-miss-rhapsody eeeek! so many nice words that inspire me to keep going. thank you so much and so sorry for my lateness x
@newoutfit @jupiter-geese thank you both so much! it means the world x

Wrote 7 months ago
Wow, these are beautiful! Great issue designs.

Wrote 8 months ago

Wrote 9 months ago
I really liked the issue and so many good submissions!
And dear Jenny, I think it was good that you shared your feelings and thoughts.
You are doing a really good job with the zine and I think, many people enjoy what you do and write! :)

Wrote 9 months ago
jen i loe this one and would love to do it again. also, don't apologize for honesty. it's o k a y. its good. i love this issue. thank you for putting it together and sharing bits of yourself.

Wrote 9 months ago

Wrote 9 months ago
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