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i was tagged by @akkiz

my answers:

1) Do you remember the place you where born?
not so much, i was born in spain but lived all my life in argentina

2) What was the name of your first crush?
ignacio santiago pintos, a kid from school

3) Do you prefer cold or hot weather?
mm taught one, i like both but i hate their extremes, i hate extreme hot, but i love the beach and i hate the extreme cold, but i love going skiing and drinking hot chocolate and curl with a million blankets

4) If you should get a tattoo, what would it look like?
it would be words, something referred to animals or an infinit with my bestie

5) Do you contact people, or do you want them to contact you?

6) What would your reaction be like, if some stranger came up to you and asked you out?
i would love that!! so fun and sweet 

7) Would you rather be Sandy or Rizzo from Grease?

8) Would you ever wear sunglasses inside? 
no never, just when there is sun

9) Who is most attractive person in the world?
mmm that is a really taught one 

10) Have you ever run away from home, even for just a night?
no never but there were two tie were i wanted to get out of the house and i went to my friends house and th other i went and suscribe to a gym

11) What is the music number that describes you the best?
i cannot choose between music numbers is like choosing what is your favorite food, you can't hahah :)

sory i don't have much time to do the questions, sory!! : (

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Love this<3

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fashion statement

fashion statement

for creative people who loves fashion
Post some cool sets here :)

Weekend Paradise - Polyvore's Best Casual Outfits

Weekend Paradise - Polyvore's Best Casual Outfits

Hey girls! This is a group for organized, fresh, casual, organic, and laid-back sets only.
No backgrounds/templates/collages, not formal please :). I make contests frequently.
Share your creations!
Some of the sets from this group and contests will be posted (with proper credit) to my polyvore-blog, Any of your sets can be removed by request.
Don't copy sets! Any sets which don't go with the recommended style of the group will be removed. Please don't take it personally.



~Wild collages and beautifully simple outfits
~Weekly competitions
~Contest winners get tumblr promo's
~Promote your tumblr in sets
~Submit your breathtaking sets now <3

e·ly·sian fields

e·ly·sian fields

only clean, organised, and fresh sets will be accepted. contests are a great way to express and share your style and will be every week! no templates. no backgrounds. no collages. just enjoy, have fun and go crazy! [any sets which go against the recommended style of this group may be removed]




269 sets from 115 members. Ended three years ago.
Submit or create sets that have a preppy style!
-3 days
-3 limit
-7 winners

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