I was in my b&m today cruising the sale section and seeing what my PS had pulled for me when the navy tuxedo jacket called my name yet again. I have watched him marked from 129.99 to 79.99 and each time tried him on and left him hanging. Today, I heard him calling and tried him on again and took some time to style him. He "cleans up nice" and for $56 (with the 30% discount) I took him home with me. I also bought the sequin tiered cami in black ($24.49) and the jersey stripe scarf (score! $7.50; it looks like the one in the set but I couldn't find the exact one). I have the pumps purchased about a month ago and a vintage bag that my mother gave for Christmas that is very similar to the one in the set. It's such a great feeling to put together an outfit on a nice markdown!

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