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So, I was just watching Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It's actually quite a good movie, I found it really funny. 

Did you know that Aaron Johnson has a baby with a forty-two year old? Sam Taylor-Wood? Hm, who knew :P

I've been dragged off to a lot of parties lately. It's quite annoying. I'm not much of a people person.

I was at the movies the other day, but I actually chose to go haha, me and my friend planned it.

So we were gonna see Eclipse {not again! I almost bored myself to death the first time, don't make me watch it again!} and then this other girls of our class called everybody who was going with us and invited them to go with them. And they all went. Fuck you.

Anyway, Poncho was going. I was kinda sorta really looking forward to that. Then he went off with the other people. But we had a convo that went sort of like this--
"So are you going at seven thirty? {with the other people?" -me
"Yeah. Are you?" -him
"nah, I wasn't invited." -me
"Well, I invite you :)" -him

which made me really happy.

But then the whole thing was cancelled, but me and Kenya still went.
And we bumped into Poncho at the movies, and he said we should go with him to watch toy story, cause that's what he was watching.
I'm like, sure *shrug*. {I was actually like freaking excited to go watch it with him} and Kenya's like, nah we're waiting for the rest of the guys to come watch Eclipse. Me- *face/palm*.

Anyway, we ended up waiting for the other guys, who wanted to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. So we ended up watching that instead of Eclipse, after kenya insisted that we waited for them to watch it -_- she only said yes to missing eclipse because Luis was with the guys who wanted to watch NOE.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. I guess I just needed to let it out.

And I miss Mikaela. If you're reading this, COME BACK TO POLYVORE. Thanks. :D
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Wrote 6 years ago
thanks :D

Wrote 6 years ago
this is nice

Wrote 6 years ago
haha thaknks everyone :)
and haha, that's quite funny. I wouldn't mind see-- haha kidding. :P

Wrote 6 years ago
This set is so amazing.





Any kind of sets are welcome here (fashion/art/interior) as long as it has picture or quotes of your favorite indie/rock bands.. or clothes sets with rockstar/street style! Or anything related! (even a pure clothes set but titled with a band’s songtitle)

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PG-13 Polyvorers

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xx, chlo

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