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Snowblink: Unsurfed Waves
Feel free to decline and/or ignore if I tag you. Or respond if I didn't. Don't forget to tag me if you decide to do it ....
Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people
My Answers:
1) What subject did you like best in school? Answer: Biology
2) Typewriter or rotary phone? Answer: Typewriter
3) Eat less or exercise more? Answer: Eat less initially, until motivated to exercise.
4) What's your bad habit? Answer: They are too numerous to list on a single page.
5) How sad would you be if your goldfish died? Answer: Not
6) Where was your first date? Answer: In my mind!
7) Are you better at throwing or catching a frisbee? Answer: with my mouth ... definitely catching!
8) Is your boss male or female? Answer: Mostly Female ... as I am mostly my own boss.
9) How do you feel about that? Answer: am considering a sex change.
10) What color is your bathroom? Answer: Light chocolate, white and slate ... and the cat hair is grey.
11) Do you dance while you cook? Answer: No, but I sometimes dance when I eat.

My Questions
1.  How often do you kiss (literally) in a day?
2.  What/who would you like to be in a next life?
3.  Do you keep a journal? If yes, what for?
4.  Do you know what ear wax tastes like? 
5.  How long can you sit/lie being idle and day dream?
6.  Does your car reflect who you are? If yes (briefly) how so ... 
7.  What is your favorite holiday? (all cultures & traditions included.)
8.  Who cleans the bathroom(s) in your house?
9.  If (God forbid) you had to lose sight or hearing, which would you pick?
10.Is your 2nd toe equal to or longer than your big toe?
11.What three items are necessary on your bedside table?

I tag:


Wrote two years ago
very cool !!

Wrote two years ago
You are stinking brilliant!

Wrote two years ago
Awesome work !!! Very clever composition as always my dear Joyce !!!

Wrote two years ago
LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! Loved your answers!!!

Wrote two years ago
Poor girl... unless she has nose along her toes, her breathing is finished in a few minutes. Excellent artwork, Joyce! :-)))

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
AW!! You're amazing, sweetie :)) Love it!!!!

Wrote two years ago
;-) I do plan to win one, much more fun that way. goodnight.

Wrote two years ago
@markblemish Many thanks for your answers .... especially glad re: 4 .... was feeling freaky. Would give you my car, everyone else takes it.

Wrote two years ago
think I'll skip this time but 6. I'm losing my car, but does not reflect me ;-( must win new car ;-) and 11. my little Swiss army knife, rocks, radio. 4. bitter. 8. I do, did today. 3. no and should, at least a dream journal. 2. an improved version of myself 'cause that's all I know. Well that's all I can answer now, don't want the mob to track me down.

Wrote two years ago
Sooooo WooooOOOOOOW!!!

Wrote two years ago
All that information is classified, though the idea of an aquarium in my room with such exotic sea life is intriguing.

Wrote two years ago
Fantastic work!

Wrote two years ago
WOAH creative Genius you are!

Wrote two years ago
Love this! Okay... I accept the tag. It will be fun to answer your questions (EAR WAX?????) and even more fun to make up my own.

Wrote two years ago
Sooo clever!!!!

Wrote two years ago
Oh, thanks for the tag! I will definitely do it, but possibly not until after Project Runway. LOVE this set. Filling the room with water was brilliant!

Wrote two years ago
wow ,,,,brilliant !

Wrote two years ago
WHOA!!!! :))) this is FAB!!!!

Wrote two years ago
woohoo!this is gorgeous!!!

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