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it’s not the right time. it’s not the right time to give up, give in, let go. it’s not the right time to say, “i’m done. i can’t do this anymore.” it’s not the right time to end it all. it is the right time to ask for help.

kids need to be better informed of topics such as eating disorders. there is a girl on here who only knows of one way that you could possibly have a problem. by throwing up. there are three different types: bulimia (binging and purging), anorexia (starvation) and binge eating (binging). 
*binging: eating a large amount of food in a small period of time.

people are so ignorant and naive. it's not funny to joke about these sort of things. cutting, eating disorders, suicide, depression, ra.pe, and so on and so forth. stop. stop. stop.

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