Alejandro...[ahahaha it's stuck in my head]

I am in an auditorium chair...rehearsal for Fiddler on the Roof again hahaha. [Rehearsal releases for the evening at 8p.] Andi is next to me, Joseph has strep throat, and Robert is on stage rehearsing. At the end of rehearsal I'm going to get strapped up in that harness again and rehearse all my flapping around. XD Dress rehearsal is Wed. night, and our performance is on Thurs. night. It's all turning out really amazing, I'm actually really excited for it!

Andi and I just finished a haphazard dinner of chocolate [I had that] and random slices of pizza that she brought from home. It's fun just to sit in the back of the theater and talk and laugh while all the rest of the theater people rush around like crazy getting ready to run scenes. I am, by the way, sitting here in full Fruma Sarah makeup. It's not a dress rehearsal, but we don't have someone to do our makeup so we have to figure it out ourselves and get it approved by the director before the dress rehearsal. I have on a full terrifying white face and black eyes. It's fantastic. Andi helped me do it in the back of the theater here.

So that's my night! Scary makeup, talking and laughing with Andi waiting around to be called up to get strapped into the harness, and trying to do homework in between a random dinner of whatever she and I could put together between us. I'm probably going to go right home tonight, fix myself some decaf coffee, and fall asleep.

*The sweater is not exact. I'm in my father's sweater. Hahaha. It's pretty similar, it's a darker red and the pattern is smaller.
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