Demi was everyones to go girl.
she was always the second banana.
vice president.
second best.
second place.
second prettiest.
second best friend.
Even her family was.
she always gave the advice to her big group of friends even if she didn't have the experience.

She was raised as the middle child, the babysitter while her older brother went out, and the second largest bedroom and the biggest heart. Her best friend was her older brother, but even she took a backseat to his girlfriend eventually.

Demi's not afraid to be blunt, loud, and crazy, she was always the one to have the parties, and the style guru now that was the two things she was best at.

she had only two boyfriends before she met Justin, finally, the lead quarter back.
She had been inlove with her fiance for years, he was inlove with someone else, her friend, she decided to stop being the second banana. she finally took a chance and asked him to hang out.
Five years later they were still together. She got the job as an assistant (go figure) for a huge designing company, she has even designed a few herself.

He popped the big question at a young age, she said yes, of course.

She couldn't be happier when she showed her friends the ring, they all went to go book their weddings together.
Somehow, a mistake happened, and they all had their weddings booked on the same day!

 She loved her friends, but she wasn't going to be the second banana, AGAIN.

She designed her own dresses, own everything, and she knew she was NOT gonna back down. At least not without a fight.

Husband to be: Justin.

feelings about the whole thing: a little depressed, but isn't gonna back down to having her perfect wedding.

ahh its probably bad.. ):

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