Name: Go Eun Mi
Birthday: 1994. 10. 25.
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Nickname: Mimi
Family: one older brother (he study abroad), two younger brother (they are 2 and 5 years old)
Parents: her father is working hard, so she doesn't see him often. her mother take care of her little brothers, so she is too busy to care about Eun Mi.
Her family isn't rich, but her dad tries to earn lot of money.

Eun Mi hates school, she spends her time with dream about Taemin. So she is not too clever, but she has lot of "good" idea about how she kidnap Taemin.
Who doesn't know her think she is cute and sweet, but it's just appearance. She likes fighting with boys, she is good at it. Most of the boys will be scared when spot her (and girls either).
But she is nice and good with her friends, they can count on her every time. The reason is she feels alone, because of her family.
She's life is the club, she always there when they hold a meeting.

Their neighbour is an old lady and Eun Mi helps her around her house. The old lady is Mrs. Moon, but Eun Mi calls her halmeoni (grandmother), because she hasn't got grandparents. Mrs. Moon gives money when she helps and Eun Mi is happy because she could buy a computer and she can pay the internet. (She have to know everything about Taemin up to date! :D)

Personality: hyperactive, funny, cheeky, crazy and weird.

Model: Jiyeon from T-ara
Idol: Taemin from SHINee

I'll try to write my character well later in the stories ^^ And it looks like (now) that my character is the youngest :)
Oh and her older brother is Go Jin Ho (Jinon from FCuz), I guess I'll use him sometimes :D
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