Thursday, December 16: After classes we are going down to a 24-hour pet adoption center to help. When you arrive you find out they have some pretty strange animals. Then to make thing even better you learn that ,if you want, you can take one of the animals home!

"Olivia's meeting us later, no one else M." Monster nodded as she licked her lips of hunger. 
"Got it." 
"Oh and remember were sneak-" Some girl with blonde hair came interrupting me.
"Er, hi," I stared at her going over her my annoyance aimed at her, the itching fact of hurting her grew over me. 
Giving Monster a slight wave, "I'll see you later." I walked off. 
"Go for the kitten," Monster tells me. "Lulu, we all know you have a soft spot for them."
A small smile plastered to my lips but it flashed away as I gave the girl a disapproving frown. 
I walked across looking for a kitten, Monster was right, I somehow fancy them.
"Hey Lulu." I turned to see Evan brush up against me, "Like any of them?" 
I smirked at him, he was quite cute, "Hmm. I might need your help though." 
I saw a smile come across his face, "Which one?" 
"The Kitten. But I want a good one, you know that right?" 
He nodded then headed to look for one. 
"Lulu right?" I glanced at someone trying to get my attention, stifling a yawn I nodded. 
"Allyn." She reached to shake my hand but I stared at her as if she was crazy.
Taking it back she gave out a shaky nervous laugh, "I'm guessing you like to keep to your self." 
I shook my head no, "More like I hold grudges about first impressions, but it's okay, I like you." 
She smiled relieved, "Well thats good." She checked her watch realizing the time, "Oh! I don't have an animal yet!" 
I heard a screech soon finding out it was from Barth, "What happened the little lizard bit you?" 
She gave me a small glare, "No, thanks for asking." 
I smiled to her and she returned the favor, she shook her head and continued her story with Abbey. 
"Evan?" I barked, wondering how does it take someone so long to find a kitty? 
I saw him staring hazily at a closed spot focused. I ran over to him with confusion. 
Touching his arm gently I felt the coldness hit me, but I was use to it. "Are you okay?" 
He turned noticing I was there, "hmm yeah. Just found something weird about this spot." 
"Maybe the dogs peed on it." We both laughed, "And what about my kitty?" 

xx Lulu
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