I am shocked and saddened and disgusted at the massacre that happened in Aurora, Colorado this morning at a midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises." There are evil people in this world and we never understand how someone can be such a coward by shooting at unarmed people. 12 people died, including a 6 year old. And also, the witnesses and people who were in the theatre were tweeting about it. TWEETING ABOUT IT. This generation is so removed from reality. If I was there or in a situation like that, the LAST thing I would think is to get out my phone and tweet about it. It makes no fucking sense. Call the police and stop tweeting. It's ridiculous and nasty and selfish. I can just imagine all the panicky people and the stupid few who were stopping to tweet about it.

I went to the midnight premiere last night with my boyfriend. I loved the movie, I'm a HUGE fan of Christopher Nolan and how he makes TDK series, so I was very exciting for this! I was pretty sad The Joker wasn't returning, but you can't replace Heath Ledger, so I was still interested as to what they would do to the movie's plot line. It was pretty much flawless. Lots of twists and awesome action. Anyways, I had no idea at all what happened, obviously, until I got home and checked my iPod and my CNN app had a headline about it. I turned the channel on. I was shocked and just thought, "wow, this could have been any theatre, it could have been mine." You just think of how fragile life is.

Anyways, there are witnesses of the shooting who are saying "I lived because of God's will and he has greater things for me and blah blah blah" Okay, glad you lived, but what about the people who actually died? The 6 year old who died? God didn't save them but he let you live. Bullshit. Have your beliefs, pray, I don't care, but don't say God saved you or whatever else you believe. It's selfish and disrespectful to those who died.

I am really glad they caught the guy really fast. It was pretty much right after he was done shooting everyone. He was 24 and was on his way of getting a PhD... Crazy stuff. That just shows that ANYONE is capable of doing this. Anyone. I hope he gets the worst punishment possible. If he wants to die, I hope he suffers in jail until his death and I hope it's a long, painful one.

It sounds morbid but I can't wait until the trial starts. I just want to know WHY he would do this. He will probably be very emotionless (like most murderers) and not care, but everyone, ESPECIALLY the victim's families, deserve to know why it happened. There doesn't need to be a sorry, because he's not so that would be useless. There just needs to be closure.

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