two-thousand nine.
2 0 0 9
2 O O 9
2 thousand 9

haha, this is what I'm wearing New Year's Eve. mmhmm, staying home, wearing slipper & sweats.

listen to this song. I ♥ AVA.

I think I'm gonna blog a little.

Christmas was good. I got lotsa clothes and stuff. Nothing amazing, but at midnight mass some kid puked like right in front of me, and it was gross. I almost puked.
I had a meet on Dec. 27 in Rockland NY. Had to get up super early. I ran a mile in 6:05.8 :[ I wanted to break six minutes though. But I came in second. Then, I ran a 4 x 800, and I'm not even gonna go into detail, it was bad. On the way back [all 4 hours of it] i had to pee SO bad, and it was all gross and sweaty on the bus. and my ipod battery almost died. oh, and did i mention we were on a regular bus? bleghh, it was baaaaddd.
thats pretty much it. my life is boring. especially my love life, hhaha, is it pathetic that ive never kissed a boy yet? i'm 13, and some girl was like shocked when she found out the other day. whatever. 
bye; <3

PS. please dont tell me this set is terrible, i know, believe me.
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