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- favorite piece in my closet: black jersey dress from Urban Outfitters. it isn't quite what is pictured here, but it is so comfy and flattering. it is the first dress i ever wore to a concert.
- favorite author: Chuck Palahniuk
- favorite band/musician: Tom Waits
- favorite book: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
- favorite designer: this was hard. I picked Miuccia Prada because I consistently like almost everything she puts out. I always look forward to seeing collections from Prada and Miu Miu every single season. 
favorite film: currently it is Hard Candy. 
favorite documentary: I don't know if it counts as one, but I've watched Before The Dinosaurs a million times. I found the BBC version on a torrent website and downloaded it, and now often watch it as background noise. 
favorite accessory: headscarves. I finally mastered how to tie a Rosy the Riveter style headscarf , so now i'm wearing them whenever i get the chance.

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