An art collage from April 2012
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  • NOVICA Stalking Lions Original Oil Painting Andean Fine Art
    Victor Farfan speaks in symbols suggesting rather than portraying a lion. Yellow eyes stare menacingly at its prey as the king of the jungle hunts for survival. In the lower portion of the canvas a bullet and a spear threaten the big cat. Totally abstract this painting is created in luminous oils that lend a mythical quality to the composition. Titled Fieras en acecho in Spanish.
  • NOVICA Ancient Warriors Original Oil Painting Peru Fine Art
    Warriors clash in a hand to hand struggle in this dynamic abstract by Anibal Porras. Grasping his foe by the hair the fighter in the condor mask subdues the man wearing the mask of a deer. Anibal Porras depicts a scene from the Vicus culture that inhabited Peru from 400 BC to 500 AD. Renowned as warriors the Vicus people also excelled in the ceramic arts. Titled Guerreros Vicus in Spanish.
  • NOVICA Signed Abstract Painting Bali Fine Art
    Sutianto mixes art and spirituality on the canvas as he shares his very personal beliefs with this painting. When the black moon arrives it's the right time to clean our self and create space for a new soul to come in. This is how we remove negative aspects energies and customs confides the Javanese artist.
  • NOVICA Javanese Signed Abstract Painting
    Abstract forms arise from shadowy grey shapes as Sutianto speaks the language of abstraction. This as inspired by a quiet night when I sat musing thinking about something so deep I realized I could not do anything the artist confides. Titled 'Termenung' in Bahasa Indonesia.
  • NOVICA Abstract Oil Painting
    Conjuring pulsating rhythms and clear bright melodies Edward Adeniran paints a visual metaphor. The swirling color fields are spotted with black circles suggesting myriad eyes. He selects a fiery palette to convey the fervor of sacrifice to the African gods.
  • My Art Outlet 'Shimmering bow' Hand Painted Oil Painting
    Light up your bathroom, kitchen or living room with this handsome hand-painted oil painting, Shimmering Bow. The golden background hues bring a touch of sunlight to wherever you hang it, and lifelike light blue and white flowers are sure to delight any lover of nature. The painting is ready to hang as soon as you take it out of the box, and there's no need to frame the painting as the canvas is already hand-stretched over a wooden frame. 100-percent Hand painted wall art Made with oil paints on hand stretched canvas over a 1-inch thick wooden frame Gallery wrapped and stretched Ready to hang out of the box Artist: Unknown Title: Shimmering Bow Product type: Oil painting Style: Contemporary Format: Horizontal Size: Large Subject: Abstract Image dimensions: 32 inches high x 32 inches wide x 1 inches deep Due to the handcrafted nature, each piece may have subtle differences. Size: Large. Color: White.
  • NOVICA Cubist Oil Painting
    Suggestive brush strokes descend in brilliant rays onto cloudy shapes of luminous color. A dim background retreats into the distance pushing the abstract forms into the foreground. Hovering amid mysterious circles golden grapes appear as pure light. Titled Vision geometrica in Spanish.
  • NOVICA Abstract Oil Painting, Work III in Series
    Dawn illuminates an abstract landscape caressing mountains and majestic pines that suggest ancient pyramids. Teodoro Reque Liza gives an enigmatic tone to this Andean landscape. Working in luminous planes of color he creates a world of magic where all is peace. Titled Vision del paisaje andino III in Spanish.
  • NOVICA Abstract Oil Painting (Diptych)
    Glowing fields of yellow cross two canvases kissed by golden sun. Repeating curving line Sutianto creates a luminous universe of extraordinary peace. Black symbolizes night clouds that caress a shining orb. The sunset is one of the beauties of God's creation Sutianto says.
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  • NOVICA Colorful Abstract Painting in Acrylics from West Africa
    Coming together in an abstract design reminiscent of a patchwork quilt vibrant hues in multiple colors dance across the canvas. Ghanaian artist Robert Osei Anim presents this interesting study of color and light in this abstract acrylic painting expressing the joy evoked by color.
  • tapir
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  • Original 'Sunrise in Rodanthe' Oil Painting Wrapped Canvas
    Enjoy a 100-percent Hand Painted Original Wall Art Made with oil paints on canvas stretched over a 1-inch thick wooden frame. The painting is professionally hand-stretched and ready to hang out of the box. With each purchase of our art you receive a one of a kind piece due to the handcrafted nature of the product. 100-percent Hand Painted Wall Art Made with oil paints on canvas stretched over a 1-inch thick wooden frame Professionally hand-stretched Ready to hang out of the box Hand crafted by a single talented artist Due to the handcrafted nature, each piece may have subtle differences Artist: N/A Title: Sunrise in Rodanthe Product type: Canvas Art Style: Contemporary Format: Horizontal Size: Large Subject: Abstract Image dimensions: 24 inches high x 36 inches wide x 1 inches deep Size: Large.
  • NOVICA Original Oil Painting Andes Fine Art
    Bathed in radiance earthenware jars appear in the shimmering stillness their contours suggested more than depicted. Tito Julio Tarqui Prado paints a luminous portrait of the Andes capturing the voluptuous promise of each figure. He works in an abstracted style that confers a dreamlike quality on the composition. Titled Ruphay luz del sol in Quechua and Spanish.

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