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hi :) sorry i haven't been on too much lately! i've had SO much work to do for school. 
i'm so excited to have the week (and next monday & tuesday) off of school! i'm gong to try to get on here more. 

i worked 1-6 today...soo many people came in and bought gift cards. we actually ran out of the christmas sleeves so we had to start using the regular ones. we also started running out of the christmas hot coffee cups :( i love them so much...i wish they used them year-round! they're just so cute and festive. 

tomorrow i plan on waking up fairly early, making myself a coffee, then heading to the mall. i just have to get my cousin a gift, and i know what i'm getting her so it shouldn't take long. when i get home i'm going to make chocolate covered pretzel rods. i made cake pops last night. tomorrow night we're going to my aunt's house. i have a pretty good idea of what i'm going to wear but i'm not 100% positive yet. 
i can't believe that in two days, it'll be christmas NIGHT. 
time has just been flying by lately. i don't like it.
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