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1. If you could be a Disney character, what would you be and why?
Hmm. Maybe Snow White? I loved her as as a child and well.. having my own prince is always nice.

2. Do you do anything art-related outside of polyvore? Ex: painting, sketching, photography, etc?
Yes. Being an art major that's all I really do in my classes, haha. Lately I've been painting lavender plants for my mom to sell. I need money guys. T_T

3. When you are thirsty what do you usually go for?
The closest drink to me! Or just water.

4. Would you rather pay retail price for a piece of clothing or item, or if you could would you DIY the items yourself at home?
If I knew I could DIY it, I would. There are some simple items that can easily be made without hardly spending anything. For example I made a replica of this and it came out looking good! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/thing?id=19754222

5. Do you listen to any music that is not in your primary/first language? (For me my first language is English but I listen to a lot of Korean music.)
Yes, Korean music.

6. Do you judge people on the color of their skin?

7. Are you allergic to any foods?
Not that I know of.

8. How many countries have you traveled to? What were they?
Unfortunately none.

9. What's your favorite comic book (or superhero in general) villain and why?
Uh.. The Joker I guess? It's a pretty common answer I'm sure but to be honest the only comics I really got into was like.. Garfield, Calvin and Hobbs, and Peanuts. xD

10. Do you think that each new generation is going to be better or worse than the one before it? Why? 
Nah. I think it will be the same. I believe all generations deal with the same amount of problems really...

11. what is the significance of your Polyvore username (if any)?
Hello Kitty + Unicorn

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1) If you could say one thing to a person from the past with no repercussions to history/time, what would you say and who would you say it to?
Hmm. Good question but I don't think I know. xD I guess I try not looking to the past too much.

2) What is one aspect of your personality that you really like?
I like how chill I am. I really hate the feeling of being stressed so I just don't let it get to me.

3) Who best embodies your "ideal type"?
Lee Joon. Seriously, the more I learn about him the more I love him. Did anyone see that Idol Manager episode where that one young manager didn't get much screen time because she was so quiet and then behind the camera Joon was gesturing for her to talk at appropriate times? It was the cutest thing guys. ;__;

4) What is one piece of advice you've received that helped you the most?
I don't know if this helped me the most but it was pretty memorable. Before our hip-hop dance concert a few years ago one of the dancers told me something like to act like everyone was my b*tch and to dance like I was the best thing ever. Hahaha.

5) Is there an animal that you think resembles you the most? If so, what is it?
a puppy that just needs attention ;____; lol I don't know. xD

6) What song have you been singing the most recently?
Besides Phantom's Hide & Chic? Giriboy songs.. or Infinite H's NAEGA EOPSEULDAE~~~~~ Wow. I've been in a k-hip-hop mood lately.

7) What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
When people pop their fingers, when people lick their fingers to separate pieces of paper, when you smile at someone and they don't smile back, when your sitting and someone walks by REALLY CLOSE TO YOU LIKE SO CLOSE THEY LOOK LIKE THEYRE GOING TO SIT ON YOUR LAP. there is so much space around me yet they still walk so close WHY?? when people walk ridiculously slow and you can't walk around them, when people finish a box of food or something and then leave the empty box in the pantry like are you serious. (That last one might just be my family though lol)

8) If you had the opportunity to see your future (but at the risk of potentially changing it), would you want to?
no. I would not like to see my future. it would bother me up till that point.

9) What's your favorite mythical/fantasy creature?
probably hard to believe but yeah its unicorns.. haha.

10) If you could have one skill (a /realistic/ skill), what would you want to have and why?
can i just have fluent Korean so the Korean people at this school will like me? but really being multilingual would be amazing.

11) Lastly, what's one of your favorite books or movies you think no one has heard of/read/watched?
oh gosh… I'm not that special to have seen/read uncommon things. i loved The Swan Princess as a child but.. is that movie popular or no? xD

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1. What was your favorite childhood show?
I really liked The Big Comfy couch LOL. I had the dolls of the main characters and did the clock stretch thing on the floor every time I watched. There were a lot of shows I loved though.

2. What is the one cannon pairing (book, movie etc.) that you simply can't stand?
I really hated how the crazy girl went with the jock in The Breakfast Club. Lol. I also didn't like Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk together in Your Beautiful for a while. But I got over that. Haha.

3. What movie that you had been excited to see was the biggest disappointment?
The Simpsons movie to be honest. They kept playing ALL the funny scenes in the trailers that when I finally watched the movie there was nothing new to laugh at. :(

4. Do you believe in zodiacs, fortune tellers, etc.?
No but they are fun to read about.

5. If you could enter one of the worlds of your favorite book, movie etc. which one would it be?
Um. Can I go into the world of Flower Boy Ramyun shop and be Kim Bawool's new and better girlfriend? Kay thanks.

6. Who is your idol?
Emi Suzuki and that girl who runs the Cute in Korea blog like omg talk about living the life.

7. Which idol or celebrity do you dislike for no particular reason?
Goo Hara. I don't know why.. I just don't….. :/ If you have reasons to like her then please share. ^^;

8. What is one element in your sets that you simply must have or might consider to be your signature?
Geometric layout? Text backgrounds? Cute pictures? Haha something like that..

9. How many countries have you been to?
Just my own.

10. How did you pick your polyvore username?
Hello Kitty and unicorns are cool guys.

11. Last one, what is one song you wish you had never heard or one mv you wish you had never seen?
Well I can't remember the name of the MV but man was it terrible. Kind of glad I can't remember the name now haha.
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