its not all up but volia.


"Can't you go a day without talking to him?" Max whined from beside me. 

"Who?" I asked slightly confused "And why are you trying to see my conversations anyway?" I said moving my arm up higher to shield the screen from him.

"Ezra who else do you actually talk to?" Eva said as she walked into the room.

"Okay, so one i have plenty of friends." I said earning an eyeroll from both of my older siblings. It was always nice feeling to know my older siblings thought i was a friendless freak.

"And two I'm actually talking to a friend of mine. Stiles." I said quite proud when i saw there jaws drop a little.

"And three is that a hickey on your neck Eva?" I asked tilting my head slightly shooting my most innocent take that smile.

"Yeah it is, Spencer came to say goodbye." Max said smirking over at Eva.

"We don't leave for another week." I said with a laugh, Eva scoffed covering her neck quickly.

"None of this is relevant. What the hell is a Stiles?" she said with an eyebrow raised.

"A friend of mine. He is sending me all of the New Who series of Doctor Who for the trip." I said with a grin , I finally got to watch the Tennant seasons.


"He?" I said annoyed. It wasn't bad enough i had to deal with curly and his crew of misfits chasing after Diana. I now had a Stiles.

"Yeah." Diana said oblivious to the point. Eva looked at me with the same look of surprise.

"A boy and a friend no offence Dee that doesn't exactly work out." I said remembering all those other boys she was just friends with. Fu.cking wan,kers.

"But he really is." Diana exclaimed "Seriously just friends.He is not interested in me at all."

"So he is gay." Eva said with a shrug.

"No. Not gay just not interested in me." Diana said closing her laptop so neither Eva or I could look at it.

"Then he is not just a friend." Eva added.

"I can be friends with guys. In fact i am friends with heaps of guys despite the fact you guys think i am friendless."

"No.The guys you are friends are Ezra friends." I pointed out causing Diana to give me the bird.

"And they don't count." Eva chimed in with a grin.

"Oh yeah what about Lucas?" Diana said with a victorious grin. I looked at Eva clearly wondering who the f.ck Lucas was. How many people did my sister actually know?

"That guy from the record shop she had a crush on." Eva explained.

"Doesn't count." I chimed shaking my head.
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