This is just something unimportant. A way for me to attempt to get inspiration.


I starred at the paper in front me. 

'So tell us something interesting about yourself.'

What kinda dumb question is that? Well general it's not but for me this question was of the most diffcult question i had ever face.

Way worse then any math's problem i had encountered in high school or those deep meaningful questions that make you think about the universe (most of those questions get answered in doctor who anyway.)

What could i even put there?

'Oh you know i am 21 year's old. I live in a flat with my friend Rachel , We barely make rent on time and are forced to live on 2 minute noodles. I have a friend named Alex , He has a quiff. I say because he wants to be the sixth member of One Direction ( A boy band , I really shouldn't be obsessed with but i am.) he say he would never want to be like those manufacture c words. I work in a shop making barely enough money. Oh and i have a puppy named Ruby.'

Pfft what kinda job would at that on a application and go oh yes that is the girl we are looking for.

'I like going on Train trips because for some reason i find the business of peak hour relaxing.' Not interesting in the slightest and to be honest it either makes me sound like a child or insane. Either one really (though i am leaning towards the later.)

' I like music and reading' Way to clichéd and then the person might be biased and not let me get the job unless i like the same books and music.

"I have no life." I complained shoving the paper away from me where it landed on the floor in a messy heap.

"Then go make one." I heard a shout from the other room. Why thank you for your truly wonderful advice Rach I thought sarcastically.

"Hey Andy , Did you know The Killers have a side show on the 16th." Rach called out again. What did she expect just no to random facts.

Except i did know.

I seemed very good at remembering random stuff like the brand of shoes i wore to my first concert , the shirt i wore when i got my L's or when bands we liked were playing.

"Yeah i knew , The tickets are 90+ though." I said frowning , Why were concerts so expensive. Well major concerts. Alex's gig's were rarely over 50 bucks.

"What the hell? The Big Day Out tickets were only 130 and there are more bands."

Thank you Captain Obvious.

"Anyway back to the fact you have no life." Rachel said actually coming out of the room. "It's because you care too much;.Oh and your obvious anxiety issues.You should really get that checked out by the way."

"I don't have anxiety issues. Phst you cray cray."

"Okay stop talking like that and you have problems calling people. You actually stare at the phone for 10 minutes before you actually dial and then you do that weird thing were you keep licking your lips."

"And none of this is helpful to the fact i am the most boring person ever."

"Make a list of things you wanna do and actually do them." Rachel said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Anyway what do you think?" She said gesturing to her outfit.

"It looks like clothes."

She just glarred at me.

"You look fine , I don't know why you are worried though your clothes are just going to end up on Nathan's floor anyway." I said referring to her boyfriend.

"Have fun filling out your form." she said ruffling my hair before walking out. 

"Haha" I said once she was out the door giving her the finger.

I sighed, Maybe the list thing wouldn't be a terrible idea but i needed motivation. 


A small glimpse into a very mudane life.


As the title suggest what you are about to embark (read) is nothing interesting , literally the most un interesting thing ever. Worse then Antiques Roadshow (no offense if you like the show , My mum does to.) So you should leave now.

Okay don't say i didn't warn you. You might be wondering why i am even bothering writing this if i am so boring, I know i would be. The truth is it is just a way so i can't back out of what i am doing. You would say yeah you can , you just don't write this little blog but i won't. I promise.

So if your still reading (Props for persistentance) I am a 21 Sydney born (Yes i live in Australia be amazed now) girl named Andy. 

A girl who today came to most un shocking realization today , I have no life. Well a life with nothing interesting in it anyway.

So i made a list.

I am good at lists. Seriously.

So everyday i am going to do something of the list to try and improve my life and make it more fun.

Today ofcourse was to make the list.It was quiet the achievement if i say so myself.

Which i do.

And i now have to go. My sister probably messaged me with another picture of my nephew Jayden. I might do an about me later. So you know you have something to look forward to.

That was sarcasm. Cause if your seriously are looking forward to reading more you really have no life.

Or your just creepy.


So does anybody have a model suggestion for Andy. I was thinking either Izzy Marshall or Lais Oliveira but i am open to suggestions.

Also would any one actually read more about her?
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