I just saw that I'm om 'member spotlight' on the front page, after somebody congratulated me. I was also quite puzzled by why I suddenly got all these likes and new followers. Well, that's why..

The reason why I started to create polyvore-sets, was because I decided that I wanted to apply for the architecture school in Copenhagen (http://www.karch.dk/uk) and I thought it would be a good way to develop some skills (how shapes and colors relate to each other etc..), prior to sending in the application (either you have to have very (veeery) good grades in highscool (quota 1) or you have to send in/do an assignment, that show your creative skills (quota 2), I did the assignment). Yesterday I got a mail, that said that my application, in the light of the quota 2 assignment, that I have been declined. Bummer.. About 42 % of the ones how have send in a quota 2 application (and thus done the assignment), have moved on to the next round. Which means that I'm one of the 58 % declined ones. I don't think that's very good.. Blah blah blah.. 
Well, at least I can make polyvore sets. At least I must have some sort of skill regarding art and design, I must have an eye for something... It is actually quite comforting. (I hope at least something of all this made some sort of sense)

So thank you to all the new and old followers and all those who have liked my sets. Now I just need to figure out, what to do next year.. :)
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