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1) UserName/Real First Name. Is there a meaning behind the user name you use? 
esonata2007/ Laverne
The meaning of my user name is the type of car I drive. 
2) When is your birthday? 03/03 
3) What state do you live in? VA
4) How did you find Polyvore? Co-worker
4) Your Favorite Designer(s) and why? n/a
5) What is your favorite article of clothing /your personal style? Jeans
6) Heels or flats?Both
7) Your favorite color(s) Neutral and Pink
8) What you love most about Polyvore
That you can see all the different talents all over the world. 
9) What you like least about Polyvore 
That individuals visit your page and take items that you have collected and they do not like any of your pics. 
10) What’s your Fav 5? Food/TV Show/Music/Actor/Actress
Hostage and Havs and Have nots
Morris Chestnut
11) What would you like us to know about you
I love spring time

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