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Tagged by: @elbaroda 

Her questions:
1. Favorite meal time? breakfast cause i love cereal
2. Favorite color? yellow though real bright 
3. Favorite designer? i always love seeing what henry hollands doing
4. Lipgloss or chapstick? chapstick! I'm a tomboy
5. Denim or leather? denim though love my leather jacket
6. Favorite trend? prints that still round
7. Gold or silver? gold for jewellery, silver for sequins or accessories 
8. What color nail polish are you wearing? none
9. Favorite holiday? summer holidays, when i went to frequency festival in austria
10. Lucky number? 7 don't know why
11. Tea or coffee? tea

My Questions:
1. favourite tv show:
2. person you wish you could see right now:
3. what you're wanting now:
4. favourite magazine:
5. your song:
6. sun or snow:
7. favourite make up style:
8. quote of wisdom:
9. choose two: good looks/smart/social
10. favourite word:
11. what you say to people when you leave:

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