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Today's Hungarian-Korean "class" was so funny! :D

But I am sure the waiters in the coffee shop we usually meet look us weirdly xD Especially when I am trying to teach the pronunciation of Hungarian letters and words :D And when Soojin kind of loudly and proudly asked the bill in Hungarian :D She was cute!

Actually the first time one of the waiter - he was there today too - asked me what are we doing :D I said I am teaching her Hungarian and she is teaching me Korean :D He looked at me with big eyes xD The other costumer also looked at us questioningly when we talked in three language xD

Also we talked about k-pop a bit. She said she doesn't like TeenTop or U-kiss xD I forgot what boyband she likes but I know she likes Wondergirls :D

And we talked about how Yoona is the "pretty" in Korea and Hyoyeon is the "ugly" one, while in Western countries Hyoyeon's look is popular :D I still remember how loud the cheer was for her at SM Town last year! The only girl who's cheer was louder was Amber xD

Now I guess I might take a nap...I didn't sleep well and my friend is coming here at late so I'll have to stay up until ... really late xD haha

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