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1. Cats or Dogs? hmmm? Cats I think.
2. What was your first car? OR What is your dream car? My first car was a 90's New Yorker by Chrysler when I was 17, and my dream car is a Volkswagen Touareg
3. Night owl or early bird? hahaha, used to be night owl but now I'm forced to be an early bird, but I prefer the nocturne animal lol ;D
4. Crest, Colgate, or other? Crest, Colgate, Rembrandt and more hahaha, always trying the new ones.
5. Favorite scent? Lemon! citrus scents, and if it's perfume, then my favorite is Miss Charming by Juliette has a gun. 
6. Favorite restaurant OR favorite thing to order at a restaurant? I love steak and seafood restaurants 
7. Body wash or bar soap? Bar soap, Dove
8. Favorite painting/painter? OR era? Frida Kahlo and Magritte
9. Pointy toe, round toe, or peep toe? OR High tops or low tops? (for those who don't wear heels) round toe
10. Has your love ever been unrequited? (Sorry, Lykke Li moment) oh yes, long story, long time ago 
11. Favorite lotion? Malin and Goetz

ups! I forgot to add my questions, here they are:

1: Three of your favorite Poly-friends?
2: Under or over 18?
3: Favorite Fashion Blog?
4: One thing you don't like about Polyvore?
5: What do you prefer, to have 50 comments or being on top sets?
6: Shorts or skirts?
7: Neon or Pastels?
8: Favorite love song?
9: Favorite Social Media? (twitter, FB, instagram)
10: Favorite place to travel?
11: Favorite Disney movie?
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