Today was nothing but crap aside from the fact that James and Phil Younghusband came over to my school to open up the Intrums. I know lots of you are going like "By joves, who are these Younghusbands you speak of?" Well, they're a bunch of local celebrities from my country. They play in the national association soccer team and I really don't give a crap about any celebrity in my country except for these two guys because they're not annoying and they're British ahaha and most importantly, they look good. Usually the celebrities in my country all look a like and they all star in these stupid soap operas every night on the news channel. Yes, news channels here in my country play soap operas at night O.O Also, the celebrities here could either sing, dance, pole dance, or date 50 year old men or vise versa and get away with it. I really hate how all have of them have this certain look as if they go to the same plastic surgeons! I wouldn't be surprised if they had the same though.... But James and Phil are just adorable okay. God created their faces to be that adorable and they didn't undergo any kind of stupid surgery to be gorgeously gorgeous. THEY JUST ARE. See, JUST LOOK AT THAT.

 Phil is on the left and James is at the right.
I used to have this big thing for Phil but I realized James was way alsdaskjd bammin' in real life :D 

But I guess I realized he's also more bammin' in photos O.O 



It was really awesome how my school (FOR ONCE) had gotten known athletes instead of random unheard athletes to come and speak. I don't even remember their names. o.o DASDHKASDH I'M REALLY PISSED NOW because last year, I was part of photography club and I was assigned to take pictures of last year's intrums. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE INVITED THEM LAST YEAR?! DKSLAJDLASK And I didn't even bring my camera, I brought my cellphone which doesn't even ZOOM GOSH. I was so angered by the fact at how I didn't get to take pictures of James and Phil's beautiful faces :( sdkfsdkf AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 

Aside from them, the day was crappy because I got a ZERO in my speech test. Well, there was this group activity we had to do where in we would be given 25 minute to cut, copy, and paste these news articles on some booklet in order according to the listed categories of what my teacher place in the piece of paper. For example, she's put "News On Weather", we'd have to find news on weather in the newspaper and cut it out and paste it on the booklet. There were like 19 categories and we only had 3 pairs of scissors in a group of 5. We assigned one person to write the labels of the news and crap. We got to pass our booklet on time but the only problem was.... the person who was assigned to write forgot to write our names. And being the strict weirdo my teacher was, she wasn't going to let this slide. She gave us a freaking sermon on not writing our names for 25 minutes and then she told us she decided we deserved a zero. There was only around 5 things we did all quarter round for speech and this was the fifth thing we had to do and I got freaking ZERO. Now, I'm afraid my quarter score will be tremendously low :|

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Wrote 4 years ago
May you know, miss llama tiger, Polyvore is selling your set as an Uptown Girl set now. WOOHOOOO!

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