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Do you ever take a bagillion years to find one photo? Because I sure did with this set o.o I'm finding it harder and harder to find perfect matching photos these days :/ Well, thank God I finished. Now I could finally do some homework and yeah, I'm such an awesome student for putting Polyvore first ;D 

Last night, I went to see the Watch which is a hilarious yet equally poop too because of all the 21st century jokes and I swear, every line had to have a curse word and in my head I was just going "Papa sure don't like this" ahaha because my dad was watching with us too and usually, when we watch a movie with lots of foul language, he'd stop the movie and tell us to watch another movie. And also, when there's kissy scenes, my dad or mom would tell me to close my eyes and just go eat a sandwich or something till the kissy scene was over. Or better yet, they'd just skip the whole scene and complain about how children aren't suppose to watch this. The Watch was quite filled with those sex jokes and blob and I kinda didn't like it as much as I should have because of that o.o Well, if you think about it, most comedies nowadays have those type of jokes and foul language. I mean, 21 Jump Street is da bomb but every sentence had a swear word in it :/ I hate how swear words are becoming a part of everyday talk. Can't we narrow down swearing to once a day or something? Fine, I curse too sometimes but only in those big instances such as my toe getting jammed at some hard ass iron. My mouth goes like "oohhh *****" It just slips like that but in other occasions, I try not to curse at all like when I spill water over myself. Even at times like that, I must keep my mouth shut from releasing some specific words. Have we no dignity left to keep our mouth from cursing? :( I remember the worst word I could possibly say was "stupid" and now, it's all those other bunches. Next time, when I jam my toe on a chair, I'm going to be like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious OH MY GOSH THAT HURTS" No more cursing for me. 

Anyway, I've got to go do some MacBeth essay and it's going to be a loooonngg day o.o 

Now, tagging to some awesome folks.

@rikka-alethea BECAUSE you know ;D 







:) MUAH! 

OH OH OH OH @sophiesb because you guys have to check her sets out ;D
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